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Machine Learning Now Available in Google BigQuery

One of Google Cloud Platform’s most popular products, BigQuery, recently announced the addition of some exciting new functionality: the ability to create and execute machine learning (ML) models directly inside of the platform. BigQuery has become incredibly popular because it enablesinteractive analysis of large datasets, making it easy for businesses to share meaningful insights and develop solutions with analytics. […]

November 13, 2018|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Google Cloud Summit New York Recap

Last week, Maven Wave had the opportunity to attend and sponsor the Google Cloud Summit in New York City. It was a full day of learning, exploring the latest cloud technology, and networking. In case you missed it, we’ve recapped the keynote session below.

It’s clear the technology evolution we are experiencing today has created a customer revolution. Customers’ expectations are higher than ever […]

Why Google’s Cloud Auto ML is its Most Important ML Launch Yet

While always pushing the forefront of advanced machine learning techniques, Google Cloud’s parallel mission and central problem over the last few years has been: how do they make ML more accessible to users? Google has continuously made significant investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence and it’s the latest product, Cloud Auto ML, the company has made its biggest stride in achieving that goal. Cloud Auto ML is a […]

August 5, 2018|Cloud & Machine Learning, White Papers|

New Updates from Google: Keeping Your Cloud Secure

Google is continually adding new updates to keep your cloud secure from threats and protecting your data. Google’s Cloud provides users with top notch infrastructure to keep companies safe, as well as provide the tools for collaboration. Below we touch on 5 updates you have access to today! 

Manage Your Assets in One Place

Cloud Identity is a new […]

May 30, 2018|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Ask the Expert: Technology and Healthcare

In this Ask the Expert, we sat down with our healthcare technology expert, Patrick Crotty. Below we dive deeper into how healthcare firms are integrating technology solutions to improve their business efficiencies and provide better care to their patients.

How can moving to the cloud help healthcare organizations?

It depends on the segment of healthcare, as well as where the client is at in their cloud journey. Yet, […]

From Science to Delivery: Making the Most of Machine Learning with DevOps Principles

Machine learning is garnering a great deal of attention and resources right now but experience is showing that the journey from promising experiments to functioning solutions is not always an easy one. In order to avoid having pilots being no more than one-off science experiments it takes special care and effort. One way to deal with this problem is to adopt the principles of DevOps as useful guideposts to help […]

May 7, 2018|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

4 Unexpected Uses of Machine Learning

The pace of technology is continually accelerating and we are seeing more and more machine learning solutions being utilized across industries and even in our personal lives. But beyond the practical application of the technology, data scientists are developing some truly amazing use cases for how ML can enhance our lives unexpected ways. From identifying which shop your ramen noodles came from to saving the rainforests, the possibilities are endless […]

Enable Your Tomorrow, Today

Today’s enterprises are being disrupted by technology; endless amounts of data, cloud, machine learning, AI – it’s seemingly impossible to keep up. Yet, IT leaders are being asked to be more innovative than ever before. How can your organization become more data-driven? How can you provide exceptional experiences to avoid customer churn? How do you attract top talent from a new generation of employees? Finally, how do you […]

How to Successfully Run Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform

6 Essential Components

If you’re reading this article, you are likely already using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), planning to use it, or maybe you are simply intrigued to learn more. Irrespective of your situation, there are some common patterns and approaches to running Machine Learning (ML) with GCP. Below are the top 6 essential components for a successful outcome.

1. Tensorflow

January 5, 2018|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

10 Tips for Success with Machine Learning

Whether you are currently working on a big machine learning idea that is going to fundamentally change the status quo or you are just trying to get caught up with the ML frenzy, there are some important considerations to be successful with machine learning initiatives. Irrespective of your situation, we have compiled 10 tried and tested factors that can help change the outcome of your next machine […]

December 5, 2017|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Beyond the Machine Learning Hype: Solving Vexing Problems in New Ways

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that artificial intelligence–really machine learning, is going to take over the world. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have recently sparred each other over the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence.

Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has a well known belief that the future looks more like Ridley Scott’s famous cult science fiction film Blade Runner than the […]

August 8, 2017|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Bio-IT World Wrap Up: The Intersection of Cloud, Data, Knowledge, and Analytics

Maven Wave recently attended and sponsored the 15th annual Bio-IT World Conference in Boston. The conference brought together over 3,400 attendees from across the world to share best practices, innovation initiatives, and digital journeys within the pharmaceutical industry.

This year, Bio-IT World focused on topics such as cloud computing, data integration, knowledge management, and informaticsthe essential components to […]

Removing the Barriers to Move to the Cloud

How to Get Started with Google Cloud Platform

Historically, some IT leaders have been skeptical about moving their workloads to the cloud. There have been different reasons for slow enterprise adoption of the cloud; it can feel like a very daunting task that has widespread effects on the entire organization. With the advancements in public cloud products like compute, networking, and storage, […]

Ask The Expert: Reveal

enterprise videoThe demand to leverage video as a communication tool in the workplace is drastically increasing with countless use cases ranging from executive briefings to employee training sessions. Video can be used as a tool to internally communicate with employees in an easy and engaging format. In fact, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or […]

April 27, 2017|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Google Machine Learning APIs Will Reshape the Way You Work

As we delve deeper into the age of digital transformation, machine learning has been a revolutionizing element during this technology shift. The capabilities machine learning is achieving are exciting— yet, almost unimaginable.

Google is a key player in machine learning technology, as the company is making major investments in the space with new APIs and the […]

April 2, 2017|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Tech Blog Writer Podcast Features Maven Wave’s Reveal

Tech columnist Neil Hughes recently invited Maven Wave’s own Brad Foster to come on his Tech Blog Writer Podcast, which aims to unite and connect the global tech community. Neil and Brad discussed Reveal, Maven Wave’s video platform for the enterprise. Read on for more!

It seems that whatever problem we encounter in life, we naturally turn to YouTube for a how to fix video […]

March 17, 2017|Cloud & Machine Learning, Cloud Posts, Fusion Blog|

Recap of Google Cloud Next ‘17

Maven Wave had the privilege of attending and sponsoring Google Cloud Next ‘17 in San Francisco, CA last week. It was a jam-packed week of exciting announcements from Google, meeting new people, and expanding our expertise of Google Cloud. There were over 100 exciting announcements made and more learnings than could possibly be covered in a blog post, but we put together some of […]

March 14, 2017|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Beyond the Cloud – DevOps in Financial Services

One of the hottest topics in the financial services industry these days is the swelling adoption of the cloud1. After a late start, financial services is making up for lost time by aggressively moving processes and products to the cloud and to good effect. But does cloud by itself have the ability to deliver transformative and long-lasting results for an enterprise? Most firms are finding that more is needed in […]

January 27, 2017|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Why Video In The Workplace Matters

The rise of video continues to soar, in fact, Cisco reports that video will represent up to 90% of internet traffic by 2017. Video is rapidly becoming the preferred medium to distribute information. Undeniably, learning information is easier in a video format than text—humans process information from video 60,000 faster than text (Psychology Today).

Today, video is being adapted […]

January 4, 2017|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Build Business Apps Fast: Introducing App Maker

2016 has been an exciting year for Google Cloud. Since Diane Greene joined Google in November 2015, she has focused on elevating Google’s cloud offering for the enterprise. The most recent example of Google’s enterprise focus is App Maker; a low-code application development platform that that lets you quickly build and deploy a variety of custom applications. Every team and employee has their go-to set of applications to […]

November 21, 2016|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Going All In with Google Cloud

Google CloudSince Diane Greene (the original co-founder of VMware) joined Google to run the cloud business last year, the company has been working hard to focus on the needs of the enterprise market. The company has made significant investments in products, services, and infrastructure to compete with both Microsoft and Amazon.

“We’ve got well over 10,000 engineers […]

October 31, 2016|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Sunny Skies for Financial Services in the Cloud

The financial services industry has been slow to adopt cloud technologies but numerous indicators point to a change in acceptance, including demographic trends and a counterintuitive boost from new regulation. What led to the initial cloud reluctance and what direction is cloud for financial services headed in the future?

shutterstock_65916823Financial services is one of the largest […]

October 27, 2016|Cloud & Machine Learning, Fusion Blog|

Google Doubles Down on the Enterprise with Google Cloud

Over the next five years, businesses of every kind will be transformed by smart data, analytics, machine learning, and digital communications. The competitive advantage of the future will be achieved with digital technology. The cloud partners that you choose will matter. It amounts to picking which technology curve to bet on, and it’s a long-term one: there’s more to be had than cost savings and increased security. For these reasons, […]

Takeaways from Atmosphere Digital: Rethinking Security in the Cloud

shutterstock_399288955Google hosted a live digital event this week focused on rethinking security in the cloud. More and more companies are realizing the cost savings and productivity benefits of being in the cloud, but there continues to be some hesitation centered around safety and security of data. At Atmosphere, Google security experts and customers discussed how Google’s innovative security technology meets the unique […]

Preserving the Human Connection with Video Communication

Business has become increasingly global and the boundaries of what constitutes a “workspace” has evolved to virtually anywhere, anytime. Driven by today’s globalization and decentralization of the workforce, video communication has become an essential component of work productivity. Video allows companies to reach many people quickly and cost effectively. There are endless use cases for enterprise video communication including employee on-boarding, training videos, executive outreach, and video conferencing, to name […]

Maven Wave Named Google’s Rising Star Partner of the Year

The Maven Wave Google team attended Google for Work’s annual global partner conference, TeamWork, in Las Vegas last week. The 3-day event included keynote speakers from Google’s executive team, breakout sessions on enabling the digital transformation of work, and networking with like-minded Google partners. In addition to providing strategies for 2016, Google also awarded partners for a successful 2015.

We are pleased to announce that Maven Wave has been named the 2015 Global […]