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Our solutions are always rooted in strategic insight and industry best practices. This expertise combined with cutting-edge technology delivers truly remarkable results. Browse thought leadership experience, including blog posts, case studies, white papers, press releases, and more to get a better understanding of our strategy-led, results-focused approach to consulting.

Maven Monday: Maya Murali

Maven Wave is made up of a variety of individuals with unique talents. Every Monday, we highlight an employee from the company in a short video to show the world what makes each maven the [...]


Company Profile ADARA empowers the world’s leading travel brands to grow the industry together. Built on the world’s richest travel data co-op, ADARA offers people-based insights for travel companies. Clients get a value-based understanding [...]

Dawn Foods

Maven Wave delivered a Data Center Cloud Ready Assessment to determine the viability of migrating to the cloud for Dawn Foods.


The client needs to keep up with rapidly changing  business and technology realities. The Google Cloud, including Kubernetes and a continuous improvement and continuous deployment pipeline, provides the ability to scale the application to [...]


Sanmina customer story: G Suite improves global collaboration, empowering employees and embedding a cultural change that drives competitive advantage.

Securing PII Data in the Cloud for Financial Services

Data protection, particularly for sensitive data like PII (personally identifiable information), is an extremely important consideration for the enterprise. The financial, legal, and reputational costs for non-compliance can be very high. It is a common [...]

A Journey-Centric Approach to Marketing Analytics

Today’s customer journeys are complex and multi-channel. High performing businesses deliver a consistent high-quality experience across each customer’s journey. Advanced analytics and machine learning help marketers deliver these experiences.

A Seventh Google Cloud Specialization: Cloud Migration

The streak continues! With our latest achievement, the Cloud Migration Specialization, we can now say that we’ve earned four Google Cloud specializations over the past two months – bringing us to seven total. We’re [...]

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