Webinar: Google Workspace for the Way You Work: Replatforming Sharepoint

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There is a common misconception that Sharepoint is an intranet, a document management system, or a file server. But actually, Sharepoint is a content collaboration solution, and those looking to move to Google Workspace can migrate away from it and gain functionality.

Additionally, legacy and disparate Sharepoint environments have created massive technology debt and user confusion within organizations. Business decision makers are often unaware of this confusion and the cost required to support this disparate approach. This webinar will discuss the simplicity of removing this technology debt and improving organizational collaboration and engagement.

Replatforming from Sharepoint to Google Workspace offers the opportunity to bring your business up to speed with a modern cloud platform for maximum business agility – ridding your landscape of the technical debt weighing it down. It also offers greater scalability and the ability to extend your footprint to those who might not be served by Sharepoint, such as front line workers.

Join experts from Maven Wave, Google Cloud, LumApps, and AODocs to learn more about how to replatform from Sharepoint and gain functionality with Google Workspace.