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Myth #3: It’s Easy to Run Containerized Applications Across Different Clouds

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All the cool features of the cloud don’t help if no one in your company can use or understand the cloud. What works for one company doesn’t necessarily mirror what works for another. There are many facets to consider when migrating to the cloud, especially the difference between clouds and the multitude of applications available. Having the right tools and strategy is key when it comes to running applications across these clouds. 

What your company needs is a repeatable process and pattern that your team can easily follow and continue to scale the most flexibility in an environment. There are so many options to choose from, and strategies need to be realistic. Existing applications may not be 100% “cloud ready”, or stateless, or any of the other buzzwords. This doesn’t mean they don’t belong in the cloud or cannot capture infrastructure savings and optimizations. 

Join Maven Wave’s experts for insights on how to set your company up for success across different clouds and adopt strategies for different environments for applications.

This is webinar is a part of the Mythbusters: Cloud Adoption Edition Webinar Series