Webinar: Beyond the Basics: Building Advanced Analytics Programs

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Your organization is collecting a multitude of data in the cloud and the groundwork has been laid with adoption, but how can you get more use out of that data? What tools and programs can help advance your company to the next level with data-driven insights? Diving into analytics is the next step and we want to help you navigate through it.

This webinar will inform companies at any part of the data journey on how to go beyond simple reporting. Specifically, there are four current trends that will unlock a whole new set of capabilities for your company and propel your momentum forward in your data insights.

Join Maven Wave’s experts on June 16 at 12:00 p.m. CST for insights on how to leverage advanced analytics and get use out of data for business enablement.

This is webinar is the last webinar of the Navigating the Cloud Data Journey: From Initial Set-Up to Advanced Analytics webinar series.