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Drive Enterprise Innovation Workshop2023-03-13T16:37:38-05:00

Drive Enterprise Innovation Workshop

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Drive Enterprise is the simplest way for teams to work together in the cloud. With collaboration tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, files become collaborative workspaces where teams can work together anytime, anywhere.

Plus, Drive is compatible with Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and over 100 other file types and formats. With such seamless integration, you’ll experience a boost in your team’s productivity without disruptions.

Maven Wave’s team of experts are offering a complimentary Innovation Workshop to evaluate Drive Enterprise and streamline your current collaboration capabilities. Participants will have the opportunity to present their current business challenges, identify process improvements, and build prototypes that leverage Google Drive.


5 mins Introductions

15 mins Inspire through examples/ demo

15 mins Present Business Problems

40 mins Use Case Development

45 mins Prototype & Present Solutions

2 hours total

The Innovation Workshop can involve employees from all business units at the decision-maker level. The ideal size ranges from 5 – 10 users from different working groups and 2 Maven Wave facilitators.

Outcomes of the workshop include:

Process Transformation:

  • A roadmap of ideas for collaboration

  • Potential improved organizational processes

  • Input from business leaders as important stakeholders

Engagement and next steps:

  • Determine potential ROI the solutions could generate

  • Identify a Drive Enterprise champion within the company

  • Establish foundations for a structured evaluation

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