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Disaster Recovery Cloud Assessment:
Is the Cloud Right For Your DR Needs?

Disaster Recovery Cloud Assessment2021-10-18T10:21:12-05:00

Your IT environment may be working fine the way it is today, whether it’s on-prem, in a hosting facility, or with a cloud provider. But what if disaster strikes and you lose access to business-critical systems? Are you prepared to continue operating your business in a backup facility? Are you confident your failover procedures will work? Or are you overpaying for these rarely used, “just in case” facilities?

At Maven Wave, we leverage Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to deliver Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions right-sized, tested, and ready to serve your business when disaster strikes. We can ensure your data is replicated in the cloud and up-to-date, and launch the proper compute resources when required. The best part is you only pay for DR compute on the rare occasions you need it. This offers significant savings when compared to typical on-premise DR environments.

Ready to get started? Maven Wave offers a free assessment to determine the feasibility and cost benefits of running your DR environment in the cloud.

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Goals of the Assessment:

  • Determine the technical fit for migrating your DR environment to GCP

  • Build a TCO and business case addressing the cost savings and operational benefits

  • Identify the next steps needed to finalize a decision including scoping a POC

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