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UT Austin Drug Overdose Reporting and Tracking Platform

Company Profile

The Department of Psychiatry at UT Austin’s Dell Medical School works with a range of community partners to transform mental health care and mental illness prevention in central Texas and beyond.


Business Situation

Every day, an average of 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose. Few people realize that behind this epidemic, one of the biggest hurdles is a data problem that hinders the work of those trying to bring life-saving resources to areas and individuals most affected by substance abuse. Anecdotally, some people who work in harm reduction have estimated that 50-90% of overdoses go unreported in Texas.  Without accurate information, it’s impossible to create effective solutions. Tackling this problem, in Texas and everywhere else, will require first and foremost closing the reporting gap.


Maven Wave will focus on creating the project’s scalable foundation, a digital platform for overdose reporting and tracking hosted in Google Cloud. An administrative dashboard with real-time data visualizations will help identify, among other things, geographic hotspots. This will help channel life-saving medications like Narcan to the places they’re needed most. In years two through five, tailored applications that integrate predictive analytics will help law enforcement and other professionals get ahead of the curve so they can start preventing overdoses. A comprehensive application for substance users will not only help them report overdose data, but may also, as Sonntag explains, incorporate telemedicine for individuals who might not otherwise have access to care. The next phase will involve applications for healthcare professionals and laypersons, as well as statewide implementation and rollout.

Technically, this solution is built upon Google Maps Technologies on the Google Cloud Platform leveraging the following Technologies: 

    • BigQuery
    • Cloud Healthcare API
    • CloudSQL
    • Google Places API
    • Google Analytics.

The application is exposed through an ADA compliant UI designed for user experience.  Maven Wave is responsible for managing the Google Cloud Platform environment to ensure this application is available and reliable for the communities served by the program.

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