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Scout by Miller Heiman Group Enables Sellers to Win More Deals

Company Profile

Miller Heiman Group (MHG) is the global leader in providing organizations sales methodology plus sales technology to drive revenue and change business outcomes. MHG works with organizations of all sizes around the world to help them improve their sales and service performance.

Miller Heiman Group

Business Situation

MHG needed to quickly and cost-effectively build an intelligent sales analytics platform to better assist their customers. They aimed to combine their Strategic Selling methodology with technology to recommend the next steps sellers should take to close deals.


Maven Wave delivered Scout, a transformational, technology-based sales accelerator that helps sellers grow their portfolios and win more deals. Powered by the Strategic Selling with Perspective sales methodology, Scout leverages data and analytics to predict which seller actions will improve the odds of winning. The subscription-based software uses the Strategic Selling Blue Sheet, a strategic analysis tool for managing complex sales, in a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that guides sellers through the methodology and provides suggestions for active opportunities.


Maven Wave built this modernized technology solution using the agile construct, allowing the team to be very responsive to MHG’s client needs using onshore and offshore resources. This allowed Maven Wave and MHG to successfully bring Scout to market within a year from ideation. 

The next step in the project will be to incorporate machine learning into Scout to predict when sellers will win and lose the deals. This will enable sellers to can focus their resources on the deals they are going to win and ignore the ones that they are going to lose.

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