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RHR International Scales Leadership Assessment Process in the Cloud

Company Profile

RHR International is a global firm of management psychologists and consultants who have been helping senior execs transform themselves and their organizations for over 75 years. The company brings a behavioral science point of view with a focus on top-of-the-house leadership. RHR is recognized as a preeminent firm in using predictive assessments and insights that assure top talent for organizations. Its clients represent a wide array of industries and Fortune 500 companies.


Business Situation

Leadership assessments at RHR were a long, arduous, and manual process that took weeks to complete. Data and information were in different formats, which made compiling it all for analysis a complicated process that involved many people. Assessing one leader took a matter of weeks, so RHR needed to streamline the process to enable real-time decision making for its clients.


RHR sought a partnership with Maven Wave to build an advanced technology platform for its leadership assessments. RHR came to Maven Wave with very specific criteria for the platform it wanted to build, and Maven Wave worked to adapt the project to fit RHR’s needs. The resulting Executive Bench platform built using Google App Engine digitizes the data and provides real-time insights to help RHR’s clients with succession planning. Additionally, Maven Wave manages the Google Cloud Platform for RHR, providing reliable, consistent service levels, and allowing RHR to focus on their customers.


The platform built using Maven Wave’s technological expertise coupled with RHR’s experience in leadership insights has enabled RHR to become fully digitized. RHR has been able to scale its work to assess more leaders with greater accuracy and help its clients better understand their leadership pipelines.

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