AAA Simplifies Critical Decision Making on GCP

Company Profile

AAA is a not-for-profit federation of clubs serving more than 59 million members in the United States and Canada. AAA is North America’s largest motoring and leisure travel organization and provides its members a full range of travel, insurance, financial and automotive-related services. Through affiliations with motoring clubs around the world, AAA provides benefits to members traveling in 130 countries on six continents.

AAA Mountain West Group is a motor club affiliate, serving Northern California, Nevada, and Utah.


Business Situation

AAA Mountain West Group’s data infrastructure was a tangled web of on-premise siloed data sources that prevented the company from using everything they know about customers, assets, and partners to deliver the kinds of smart services today’s digital native has come to expect–putting their long run viability at risk. AAA wanted an integrated view of key data assets to improve critical decision making and a better understanding of their membership behavior.


Maven Wave developed an end-to-end data warehousing solution within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide integrated data and analytical reports for membership, membership behavior, and service interactions. In addition to the data warehouse, Maven Wave built multiple ML models, a custom eCommerce platform, advanced DevOps processes, multiple microservices and marketing analytics capabilities. Maven Wave is responsible for managing the Google Cloud Platform which hosts this solution. Maven Wave also partners with AAA and Google Cloud to address any updates and maintenance required on the application. The GCP products included in the solution are GCS, Dataflow, Cloud Functions, BQ, App Engine, Data Studio, Apigee, Places API, and Tensorflow.


The solution allows AAA Mountain West Group to quickly analyze data to make more informed business decisions. More specifically, Maven Wave was able to achieve the following results for AAA Mountain West Group:

  • Improved arrival prediction accuracy for +/-10 minute accuracy by 19%
  • Improved accuracy of call volume predictions by 93%
  • Reduced average predicted arrival time error from 51 min to 22 min
  • Built web & mobile app for brand new car subscription service
  • Increased insurance audit coverage from <5% to >90%

Hear more about our work with AAA in this video.

“We needed a partner that understood Google’s products inside and out, and Maven Wave has that, they have the breadth.”

– SVP, Technology

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