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AAA Club Alliance Predicts Customer Renewals and Upgrades

Company Profile

AAA is a national federation of motor clubs in the United States and Canada providing automotive services to its members, and it offers a variety of road service, travel, insurance, and financial products. AAA Club Alliance (ACA) represents nearly six million members in 13 U.S. Mid Atlantic states and Washington, DC. AAA Club Alliance began by fixing tires and advocating for better roads—more than a century later, the company has grown its offerings to include more opportunities for its members and associates.


Business Situation

Marketing campaigns historically required considerable manual data creation. For example, there were teams dedicated to manipulating and combining data from multiple legacy systems and which required a considerable amount of time and effort. In addition, there was an increased risk of error due to the number of steps and manual work. 


ACA and Maven Wave partnered together to conduct an enterprise data strategy to create a comprehensive data modernization roadmap rooted in Google Cloud. The Campaign Automation project was a primary driver of this modernization and was the first to utilize the modern data platform, the Alliance Data Warehouse. As part of this implementation, considerable logic was consolidated and standardized to simplify marketing campaigns. In addition, machine learning was integrated into the core data flow enabling more targeted marketing campaigns around membership renewal. This data was then integrated into their new Adobe Marketing platform.


ACA’s membership renewal marketing campaigns were able to better target individuals using predictive analytics to determine who was likely to renew and upgrade their membership. In addition the new Adobe Marketing platform was able to be based off of a modern data platform, enabling ACA to prepare to sunset their legacy enterprise data warehouse.

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