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Creating a Data Modernization Roadmap for AAA ACA

Creating a Data Modernization Roadmap for AAA ACA2020-07-21T08:45:06-05:00

Company Profile

AAA is a national federation of motor clubs in the United States and Canada providing automotive services to its members, and it offers a variety of road service, travel, insurance, and financial products. AAA ACA serves the U.S. Mid Atlantic states.


Business Situation

Due to multiple mergers and an increasing demand for analytics to drive operating efficiencies and better serve their 6.5M and growing member population, AAA ACA realized that their legacy SQL Server data platform had become siloed and unable to scale at the pace necessary to meet the rapidly growing analytic needs of their highly competitive industry.


ACA and Maven Wave partnered together to conduct an enterprise data strategy to create a comprehensive data modernization roadmap rooted in GCP. Maven Wave then worked with ACA to begin executing the roadmap, starting with the development of a highly integrated data warehouse in BigQuery, which eliminated the technical limitations evident in the legacy SQL Server data platform and facilitated new insights both within and across business lines.


Through ACA’s new customer centric data platform on GCP, analytics insights are used to drive business decisions in ways never before possible on the legacy platform. This has resulted in several new initiatives such as a revamped enterprise marketing strategy, and Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) fraud detection and prevention.

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