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Rapid Response Virtual Agent Bot

Supporting dissemination of important information via automated chatbot

Providers, public health organizations, and health authorities must get patients and caregivers timely and accurate information to address the influx of questions related to COVID-19. Google Cloud has built a Rapid Response Virtual Agent that is pre-trained with COVID-19 health-screener and FAQs and incorporates  information from the CDC and WHO. Users can engage directly with the bot to receive immediate answers to general questions related to COVID-19. Providers can triage, resolve, and offload these more general questions without staff increases.


Google’s COVID-19 chatbot is built with Dialogflow and Contact Center AI and is available for healthcare organizations to put forth trusted, reliable information. The flexible and customizable web-based chatbot can be accessed via a web page, the Google Assistant, as a Google Home Action or via a voice-based IVR system. Maven Wave can setup, configure, customize and implement the chatbot in a company’s specific technology environment.

Test It Out

Click the chatbot to the right to test out the virtual agent. You can also test the voicebot by calling +1-502-233-3799.

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