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Maven Wave + Google Cloud

In 2010, Maven Wave became an early entrant in the Google Cloud Partner Program, and the partnership has since fueled our rapid growth and expansion. This has been especially true over the last few years, as Google emerged as a top enterprise-ready cloud provider. As a result of this simultaneous growth, we have expanded our service offerings to span the entire Google Cloud product portfolio and have been recognized by Google for our expertise, most notably earning the coveted Google Cloud North America Services Partner of the Year title for the third consecutive year.

To become the top Google Cloud Premier Partner for enterprise cloud transformations, Maven Wave has invested significantly in our team’s expertise. In all, we have achieved ten Google Cloud Partner Specializations. Each specialization proves that Maven Wave employs certified technical experts in that space and has also demonstrated repeatable customer success with related implementations.

We have achieved 10 Google Cloud Partner Specializations, proving our in-depth expertise.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Marketing Analytics

With this specialization added to our toolbelt, our clients can have confidence in Maven Wave’s proven ability to harness GCP to deliver marketing insights.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Cloud Migration

This specialization speaks to our proven expertise in delivering a seamless transition to GCP – from building the foundational architecture to the actual mechanics of migration.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Application Development

With this specialization, our customers can rest assured in our proven ability to help enterprises harness GCP to build and manage cloud-native business apps.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Infrastructure

Underscoring our expertise in helping enterprises migrate to cloud environments, this specialization speaks to Maven Wave’s demonstrated success in building client infrastructure and workflows on the secure GCP.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Security

The security specialization is a critical and highly relevant designation that proves Maven Wave’s expertise and success in securing enterprise customer infrastructure and workflows to Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Location-Based Services

With this specialization, Maven Wave demonstrates its proven success in building and managing applications using Google Maps and GCP in both web and mobile environments.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Work Transformation - Enterprise

With this specialization, clients can rest assured in our demonstrated success deploying G Suite to enterprise organizations, which includes providing services across all the project work streams.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Data Analytics

This specialization demonstrates our success in building and managing applications using Google Maps and GCP in both web and mobile environments.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Machine Learning

This specialization shows our expertise and success in building customer solutions in the machine learning field using GCP technology.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Internet of Things

Together with Atos, Maven Wave is recognized as a specialized IoT partner by Google Cloud. This specialization proves expertise in building customer solutions in the Internet of Things field using Google Cloud Platform technology.

10% or 10X? Consider the Exponential Option

Google Cloud enables companies to rapidly and cost-effectively scale up infrastructure while capitalizing on advanced analytics, machine learning, and other powerful capabilities in the cloud. Together with Maven Wave and Google Cloud, you can:

Now is the time to consider the exponential option. By partnering with Maven Wave and Google Cloud, you can make a serious departure from the status quo and create real value.

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