Reach Your Sales Goals Faster

Sales territory management is a crucial element to a successful sales strategy. Without a doubt, one of the main goals sales teams strive for is meeting a revenue target— lacking an effective sales territory plan hinders sales teams from reaching those targets.

Reach Sales Goals Faster

More often than not, sales teams run into several pain points, resulting in a failure to properly execute their territory management plan. In fact, ⅔ of reps are failing to reach their annual quota (Aberdeen). Common challenges faced by sales teams include a lack of technology, outdated resources, limited data, as well as a misalignment among managers and reps. However, with an all-encompassing mobile workforce management solution, teams can quickly fill these gaps to enable collaboration between managers and reps to accomplish their sales goals.

Over the years, technology advancements have greatly impacted territory management. Instead of building maps off Excel documents, integrations with CRM has led to easier imports and faster training/adoption. Pins are still relevant but heat maps have emerged to tell a deeper story. In any case, it’s hard to argue that there are many options that provide calculable ROI.

WayPoints as a Solution

Maven Wave has developed a solution to solve the recurring problems sales teams are faced with; WayPoints is a comprehensive tool enabling field workforces to optimize their daily routes while providing managers visibility into their employee’s daily activities and territories. Implementing WayPoints to improve sales territory management will maximize your workforce, boost your sales, and cut your company costs. Below we discuss how organizations can overcome the common issues hindering successful sales territory management.

Effective Technology

Implementing a comprehensive technology solution is the first step to resolving the pain points sales teams experience. With WayPoints, sales teams are constantly connected, allowing teams to develop optimized routes displayed by Google Maps. WayPoints tracks daily rep account touches in real-time, giving managers the ability to change rep routes depending on their progress. With consistent activity updates, reps and managers can monitor their progression, leading to improved engagement with their clients.

Intuitive Dashboards

It’s imperative that your sales technology incorporates all the necessary tools to effectively implement your sales territory plan. The WayPoints dashboard provides reps with a visualization of their accounts and multiple features to help them streamline their day. With WayPoints, reps have access to viewing live traffic data and account filters to maximize their routes on a daily basis. WayPoint’s technology saves time for reps with location-triggered automation and street view imagery of accounts, as well as an automatic scheduling feature.

Better Collaboration

Communication among managers and reps is another key component to running an effective sales territory plan. To establish the most efficient sales territory strategy, managers and sales reps should be engaged in the planning process together to decipher which rep is best suited for each account assignment. Often times, sales teams face discrepancies when managers independently develop account assignments. Through Waypoints, managers and reps have insight into their performance analytics, providing a reference for teams to decide which rep should be assigned to which account. Giving reps the opportunity to be involved in the sales territory planning process motivates sales teams to reach and exceed their quota.

WayPoints provides the tools for you to overcome the many challenges that come along with sales territory management. Maven Wave can help you move past the gaps in your current sales territory plan to build a system that meets the needs of both managers and reps to maximize your sale efforts.

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February 28th, 2017

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