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White Papers

Delivering on the Promise of AI / ML: The Emergence of MLOps

In a bygone age, we looked to the future and imagined a world driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through the power of AI and ML, processes would become more efficient, business decisions made more intelligently, and deep analytical insights would be available at the touch of a button.

Insight Guide: Inspiring the Intelligent Manufacturer

What does it mean to be a truly intelligent manufacturer? Simple: It means enabling smarter, faster, better, and cheaper operations with a positive impact on teams and a negative impact on carbon emissions. And for enterprises using SAP technologies, it means leveraging the advanced capabilities of SAP through a digital transformation — without burdening your IT team.

Google Workspace Security White Paper

When it comes to the modern business landscape, cloud computing has been revolutionary, impacting the way organizations manage their infrastructure, operations, and delivery of services.

5 Ways to Accelerate Your Journey to the Future of Work

When you think about the future of work, where do you envision your organization? Do you see it thriving and innovating for years to come? Or do you have concerns about its ability to adapt and change with hybrid and remote models?

Defining the Fundamental Minimum Investments for Smart Manufacturing

The concept of smart manufacturing is nothing new; for years, manufacturers have tried to use computer automation to improve elements of operations, such as productivity, quality, cost, safety and delivery. But the idea of running a holistic smart manufacturing operation is new.

A Guide to Datacenter Transformation: Why Business Leaders Need the Cloud After All

The ascendance of the cloud is enabling remarkable business transformations, new initiatives and improved results for enterprise. But, underneath it all, there is one inescapable fact: business leaders don’t begin crafting strategy with the thought, “the cloud will be integral in addressing our challenges.” With that, datacenter transformation is likely not top-of-mind.

Is Digital Transformation in Financial Services Dead?

Many are ready to abandon the term “digital transformation” because they feel that overuse has put it in danger of becoming so genericized that it is meaningless. However, any move to write off digital transformation as irrelevant is premature.

A Guide to Overcoming Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud migration presents unique challenges, but the rate at which enterprise organizations are adopting the cloud is only increasing. More than 88% of organizations use cloud in some form, with almost a quarter expected to move all their applications to the cloud within 12 months. This number may even be higher than anticipated, as Flexera found that 59% of enterprises expect cloud usage to exceed prior plans due to COVID-19.

Google’s Guide to Innovation: How to Unlock Strategy, Resources and Technology

As businesses face unprecedented change, they are rethinking the tools and technologies they use―and the places they need to be―in order to innovate and grow. McKinsey research has shown that to cope with the changing environment, organizations with agile practices embedded in their operating models have performed better than their peers.

Google Workspace vs. Office 365: Impact on Business

In today’s dynamic digital workplace, facilitating effective communication and collaboration depends largely on the productivity suite. Businesses big and small need tools that are simple, are easy to adopt and enable remote work. [...]

The Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace

Leading companies from around the world are tapping into Google Workspace to transform how they work, and it’s delivering measurable results. For this study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Workspace, Google commissioned [...]

A Guide to Google BigQuery Inner Workings

For many years now, businesses have utilized databases for analytical workloads. As time has gone by, the need for quick and accurate insights into all aspects of the business have increased as companies [...]

IT Guide to a Multi Cloud World

Every IT manager knows the value of a fast, reliable and secure platform—that’s why the hybrid- and multi-cloud is a new foundation for digital transformation. But how companies are adopting the cloud? Learn [...]

Future of Cloud Computing

What makes us think that cloud computing will change things beyond IT itself? History argues for it. Mainframe computers made operations research possible. The PC revolution made anyone a potential entrepreneur. Client-server enabled [...]

Right Message, Right Product, Right Time

To execute on innovative ideas, marketers need technology to make that possible. A modern data platform with powerful machine learning and visualization tools can make this vision a reality.

Machine Learning: The Future of UX

Machine Learning (ML) has recently become one of the most popular buzzwords, but artificial intelligence (AI) has been used across industries for years. For example, the tailored ads we see on our Facebook, Instagram, [...]

Blockchain in Healthcare

New Medicine for a Sick Patient: Blockchain in Healthcare Blockchain is the technology story of 2017. While the public has been captivated by the rise and gyrations of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, behind the [...]

Data Is Your Competitor’s Secret Weapon

Data protection, particularly for sensitive data like PII (personally identifiable information), is an extremely important consideration for the enterprise. The financial, legal, and reputational costs for non-compliance can be very high. It is a common [...]

Collaborate More to Innovate Faster

Better Content Collaboration with G SuiteThe ability to collaborate better has limitless benefits for the enterprise; from iterating on projects in real-time to bringing products to market quicker. In this article, we will focus [...]

Can Blockchain Transform the Healthcare Industry?

Blockchain is driving change in financial markets, but it will also serve as the catalyst for transformation across many other industries. Front and center: healthcare. Maven Wave Principals Andrew Dunmore and Nick Polachek describe [...]

The IT Guide to the Multi-Cloud World

Every IT manager knows the value of a fast, reliable and secure platform —that’s why the cloud is a new foundation for digital transformation. But what are the industry trends and data points on [...]