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How Google Workspace Enables Enterprises to Work Safer

In the digital-first era, there’s an app that solves just about any dilemma an organization could encounter — from connecting remote employees to analyzing and assessing business data. That means enterprise success hinges on the strategic development of dynamic, engaging applications that cut through the noise.

The World of Hybrid Work

This webinar will teach attendees the value of hybrid work, what a successful hybrid model looks like, how to identify potential hurdles, and how Google Workspace and Atos Maven Wave can make hybrid teams succeed in their place of business.

Webinar Series: Navigating the Cloud Data Journey

Data and reporting play a key role in informing business strategy nowadays, but building a robust data program is harder than it sounds. Should you migrate your data to the cloud little-by-little or all at once? If you’ve already migrated, how do you ensure cost control and optimization? And once you have the basics down, how can you dive deeper into advanced analytics programs?

Going Beyond IT: Making Data Insights Accessible to Anyone, Any Time

Enterprise companies value sustainability in their business operations, and data is critical in meeting the demands of daily business practices. But in many organizations, data is traditionally locked in closed systems, is difficult to access, and requires investment to integrate in a timely manner. So how can companies leverage that data for advanced insights?

Webinar: Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule 101

The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule was published May 2020. But many in healthcare don’t understand it. The goal? Give patients better and shareable access to their health information. This session will share context and how to move forward.

Webinar: App Modernization 101: Taking Legacy Apps to the Cloud

In a world where there’s an app for just about everything, strategic development of dynamic, engaging applications that cut through the noise has quickly become integral to enterprise success. However, many businesses have an application portfolio that includes legacy apps with reliance on traditional data center infrastructures.

Webinar: Compliance at Speed: Accelerating Cloud Adoption in Government

The regulatory and security requirements of the public sector can present many hurdles to modernizing an organization’s infrastructure. However, with the right tools, government agencies can leverage hybrid cloud environments with increasing agility towards achieving infrastructure automation, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Webinar: How Healthcare Systems Can Get Ahead of COVID-19 with Data

Obtaining and analyzing healthcare data is a critical factor in getting ahead of and slowing the spread of disease, which is the case with the current COVID-19 pandemic. To address this need, Maven Wave is working with health systems to create a platform to visualize and analyze COVID-19 data to give front-line healthcare workers a real-time feed of information.

Webinar: How to Secure a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Establishing security protocols for any IT infrastructure can be challenging, but when dealing with a hybrid cloud and on-premise environment, there are additional considerations to take into account.

Webinar: Bringing Healthcare Home with Bots

Now more than ever, organizations are experiencing a higher volume of calls due to COVID-19 and faced with challenges in staffing call centers. Healthcare providers can better communicate with patients via voice and chat [...]