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The Difference Between Reactive Maintenance & Zero-Downtime Strategies

Quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains are struggling to keep up. Labor costs are rising, and it’s hard to find enough people to fill the shifts. At the same time, food costs are increasing, and owners fear raising their restaurant’s prices too much and driving customers elsewhere.

The World of Hybrid Work

This webinar will teach attendees the value of hybrid work, what a successful hybrid model looks like, how to identify potential hurdles, and how Google Workspace and Atos Maven Wave can make hybrid teams succeed in their place of business.

Putting Sustainability into Action: 3 Strategies for Retail Agility

Our global supply chains are experiencing an unprecedented stress test due to being “badly tangled,” in the words of one writer. A rare combination of “once in a lifetime” events — the pandemic, natural disasters, shipping container shortages, materials shortages, increased freight rates, and rising energy prices — are responsible for the empty shelves and shipping delays that are impacting product accessibility.

3 Steps Towards Continuous, Customer-Centric Innovation in Retail

This past year has been a remarkable time for thought leadership in retail. As McKinsey writes, the pandemic brought an end to the notion of “business as usual,” due to people shifting their shopping habits into digital environments. In the blink of an eye, we all transitioned into new ways of life.

5 Ways Google Workspace for Retail is Transforming Customer Experience and Go-to-Market Strategies

In the ever-changing world of retail, global brands are rapidly transforming to meet the evolving demands of today’s digital landscape. As an essential industry, the pandemic forced retailers to pivot their strategies, turning to cloud-based solutions such as Google Workspace to enable hybrid work environments while supporting consumers, frontline workers, and a surge in digital demand. For many companies, there’s no going back.