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3 Cloud Trends for IT Infrastructure in 2023

Cloud adoption in the business world is surging as companies struggle to keep up with the ever-expanding demand for greater digital bandwidth and data storage. Along with the rise in cloud adoption, new [...]

Modern Cloud Governance

Poorly-governed cloud instances not only expose businesses to undue security risks and untethered costs but also significantly limit the innovation potential provided by modern cloud infrastructure.

How to Create a Zero-Trust Security Model with Google Workspace

It’s not a line from the latest action movie, nor is it as dramatic as it sounds — those are the real steps companies are taking under zero-trust security models. As traditional VPNs fall out of favor due to their security limitations, zero-trust security models are becoming an increasingly popular strategy to ensure files are safe no matter where employees are working.

Future-Proofing Your Airflow Implementation

As more companies migrate to the cloud, they are increasingly relying on cloud-native and open source technologies. One of the core technologies needed in any solution is scheduling and orchestration, of which the [...]

5 Steps to Modernizing Applications for the Cloud

In today’s digital environment, modernizing applications presents the opportunity to increase business value, generate ROI, and rapidly create change. At the same time, app transformation empowers organizations to reimagine and update their customer [...]

5 Leading Principles of Cloud Cost Optimization

As organizations across industries rapidly deploy and invest in next-gen cloud applications and solutions to meet demands, controlling cloud costs can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be. In today's ever-evolving landscape, [...]

Top 4 Tips for Overcoming Cloud Migration Challenges

Migrating workflows can be daunting: from understanding and identifying the full scope of the migration backlog to readying the operations team and provisioning the infrastructure. Meanwhile, you’ve got the overhanging stress of consumption [...]

IT Guide to a Multi Cloud World

Every IT manager knows the value of a fast, reliable and secure platform—that’s why the hybrid- and multi-cloud is a new foundation for digital transformation. But how companies are adopting the cloud? Learn [...]

Future of Cloud Computing

What makes us think that cloud computing will change things beyond IT itself? History argues for it. Mainframe computers made operations research possible. The PC revolution made anyone a potential entrepreneur. Client-server enabled [...]

GCP Key Differentiators

Cloud Pricing: Google Cloud Platform vs Other Cloud Providers Cloud computing gives you the power to reduce IT costs, scale your business and allows for flexibility. But, how do you know what cloud [...]

The IT Guide to the Multi-Cloud World

Every IT manager knows the value of a fast, reliable and secure platform —that’s why the cloud is a new foundation for digital transformation. But what are the industry trends and data points on [...]