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Chrome OS and the Future of Work for Healthcare

Atos and Maven Wave bring healthcare enterprises into the future with Chrome OS and Google Workspace tools. In this digital-first era, the best technology allows healthcare systems to increase collaboration among provider teams [...]

How Google Cloud Enables Accessible Healthcare for All

Healthcare accessibility has become a bit of a buzz term as of late. Like most buzz terms, the definition can easily get lost in the mire and requires a bit of unpacking. Contrary to what the name implies, it doesn’t simply refer to a person’s proximity to a doctor or whether a health system accepts a specific insurance plan.

Unlocking the Future of Healthcare with Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine

Healthcare and life sciences organizations (HCLS) were moving to the cloud even before government mandates for interoperability came into play. Forward-thinking providers, insurance companies, and drug companies have been using the power of cloud to redefine the patient experience, unearth the value of data, and improve the delivery of care for years.

Webinar: How Healthcare Systems Can Get Ahead of COVID-19 with Data

Obtaining and analyzing healthcare data is a critical factor in getting ahead of and slowing the spread of disease, which is the case with the current COVID-19 pandemic. To address this need, Maven Wave is working with health systems to create a platform to visualize and analyze COVID-19 data to give front-line healthcare workers a real-time feed of information.

The Future of Voicebots and Chatbots in Healthcare

Patient: “Hey Google, get a refill of my statin.” Google Assistant: “Your prescription request was sent to the pharmacy.” Healthcare providers are looking for innovative ways to connect with patients. It’s all centered [...]

Ask the Expert: Technology and Healthcare

In this Ask the Expert, we sat down with our healthcare technology expert, Patrick Crotty. Below we dive deeper into how healthcare firms are integrating technology solutions to improve their business efficiencies and provide [...]