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Google Cloud

The 5 Types of Enterprise Collaboration Tools

Zoom. Slack. Teams. Google Workspace. Are you up to speed on the latest collaboration tools, what they do, and the benefits they offer? As remote work opportunities abound, collaboration platforms are an absolute [...]

The Latest Google Cloud Tools Enabling Sustainability

What do consumers, company stakeholders, investors, employees, and policymakers have in common? They’re all focused more than ever on the sustainability endeavors of the companies they support, work for, and invest in.

Google Data Cloud Summit Recap: Unlocking the True Potential of Data

At this very moment, every single company is experiencing some kind of digital transformation. As Gerrit Kazmaier, GM and VP of Database, Data Analytics, and Looker at Google Cloud, explained during his keynote address at this year’s Data Cloud Summit, “to transform, we cannot apply technologies and architectures that are rooted in outdated paradigms.”

How Google Workspace Enables Enterprises to Work Safer

In the digital-first era, there’s an app that solves just about any dilemma an organization could encounter — from connecting remote employees to analyzing and assessing business data. That means enterprise success hinges on the strategic development of dynamic, engaging applications that cut through the noise.

Google Cloud Next 2021 Recap: Solving For What’s Next

As an industry leader, Google has never shied away from looking toward the future, and that certainly rang true at Google Cloud Next 2021. With the event tagline, “Solving for what’s next,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian took the stage to share exactly how Google is enabling companies to do just that.

What’s Happening at Google Next 2021: From Data to Collaboration to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Google Cloud Next 2021 is nearly here once again, and we almost can’t believe it. (Did the last year fly by or is it just us?) If you’re not familiar with Google Cloud Next, it’s Google’s annual conference that focuses entirely on the present and future of cloud and provides a wealth of knowledge that’s sure to inspire. This year, the event runs from October 12–14 and will be fully digital.

Data as an Ability: Google Data Cloud Summit 2021 Recap

Google Cloud promoted its 2021 Data Cloud Summit with one key phrase - “we can’t predict the future, but we can be ready for it.” And if there’s anything the past year and a half has taught us, it’s exactly that. As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital adoption,

4 Ways Digital Transformation is Affecting Financial Services in 2021

The phrase “digital transformation” is so widely used these days that some people go so far as to say that the term has become essentially meaningless. While the term may be a bit overused, facts on the ground speak to a reality where many areas of financial services are indeed being transformed by the adoption of digital technologies, practices and orientation.

Introducing Google Workspace: G Suite Reimagined

Just when we thought Google couldn’t get any more collaborative, flexible, secure, and efficient, they innovate once again with an exciting announcement presenting Google Workspace to the world! Launching at a time when [...]

The Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace

Leading companies from around the world are tapping into Google Workspace to transform how they work, and it’s delivering measurable results. For this study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Workspace, Google commissioned [...]