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Financial Services

Top 3 Consumer Fintech Trends in 2023 and Beyond

Today, consumers can buy everything — from groceries to gas — without ever opening their wallets. In fact, many financial transactions now happen via mobile apps, websites, email, text messages, and other digital [...]

4 Ways to Drive Down Costs Using Insurtech Insights

The emergence of new technologies — and the people, processes, and ideas that go with them — has led to an upsurge of disruption in the insurance industry over the past several years in the form of “insurtechs”.

Rip Van Winkle in the 21st Century: Lessons From InsureTech Connect 2021

The world is starting to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, and it feels a bit like the old story of Rip Van Winkle. First published in 1819, “Rip Van Winkle” tells the story of a man who sleeps for 20 years, only to emerge and, having missed the Revolutionary War, finds that so much has changed.

4 Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Digital Transformation for Financial Services

The term “digital transformation” has taken some criticism for being overused of late, but the simple truth is that the transformation of financial services is being driven by the adoption of digital tools, practices, and procedures. Even so, effective and pervasive results are not a given and there are a number of common stumbling blocks that can derail transformation efforts.

4 Ways Digital Transformation is Affecting Financial Services in 2021

The phrase “digital transformation” is so widely used these days that some people go so far as to say that the term has become essentially meaningless. While the term may be a bit overused, facts on the ground speak to a reality where many areas of financial services are indeed being transformed by the adoption of digital technologies, practices and orientation.

FinTEx Forum Recap: Corporate Innovators Get Real

In discussions about fintech, the topic is often framed as a confrontation between established, old-school incumbents and emerging, disruptive start-ups, so it was fitting that FinTEx Forum kicked off with a panel that [...]

Data Is Your Competitor’s Secret Weapon

Data protection, particularly for sensitive data like PII (personally identifiable information), is an extremely important consideration for the enterprise. The financial, legal, and reputational costs for non-compliance can be very high. It is a common [...]