Enterprise Collaboration

The 5 Types of Enterprise Collaboration Tools

Zoom. Slack. Teams. Google Workspace. Are you up to speed on the latest collaboration tools, what they do, and the benefits they offer? As remote work opportunities abound, collaboration platforms are an absolute [...]

5 Challenges CIOs and IT Leaders Are Facing in 2022

With the start of a new year in the rearview mirror, CIOs and IT leaders face a variety of challenges. From charting through the ongoing pandemic to hurdles spurred by the Great Resignation, the path ahead is complex — and yet, opportunities for innovation remain strong.

Future of Work, Cloud Migration, & More: Maven Wave’s 2021 Content Recap

Last year marked the beginning of an unparalleled shift in the way we experience our day-to-day, including how we experience work. Across every industry, the COVID-19 pandemic threw many people and businesses into a mad dash as they scrambled to set up hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of employees to work from home or enact safer avenues for service delivery.

How Chrome OS Empowers Hybrid and Remote Work Teams

In a bygone age, the workplace was a fixed point in an individual’s life: work happened at the office or on the job site where teams would coalesce for a set amount of time before heading home for the evening. Work happened almost entirely on paper, and teams relied on in-person discussion or written memos to communicate with one another.

The Evolution of Change Management: From the Pandemic Into The Future of Work

Change is hard, especially in recent years. Enterprises have experienced how abrupt change can be — the last two years have caused sudden disruption, to say the least. Rapid pandemic-driven change exposed a global lack of preparation. And although the stage was already set to veer virtually before early 2020, many organizations are struggling to adapt to new ways of working.Change Management

Assessing Your Collaboration Tools: 5 Top Future of Work Considerations

As the future of work continues, enterprises must take a step back before charging forward. Assessing how legacy or pandemic-patched collaboration tools are performing will play a critical role in ultimately enabling a mobile, collaborative workforce. C-suites must also thoroughly vet new collaboration tools because — despite how robust the tool is — it will only be effective if it aligns with the organization's goals.

New Ways of Working and The Path to Collaboration: A Journey Into the Future of Work

As enterprises across the globe enter a new era of work, many questions remain: What will the office of the future look like? How will collaboration tools support that? To answer some of these most pressing questions, leaders are turning to their teams and the lessons learned from the pandemic to build collaborative, innovative, and flexible work from anywhere powered by Google Workspace.

5 Ways Google Workspace for Retail is Transforming Customer Experience and Go-to-Market Strategies

In the ever-changing world of retail, global brands are rapidly transforming to meet the evolving demands of today’s digital landscape. As an essential industry, the pandemic forced retailers to pivot their strategies, turning to cloud-based solutions such as Google Workspace to enable hybrid work environments while supporting consumers, frontline workers, and a surge in digital demand. For many companies, there’s no going back.

Top 3 Benefits of a Chrome Enterprise Hybrid Work Model

Transformative—that’s an apt word to describe COVID-19’s effect on everyday working life. Now, just as quickly as the pandemic triggered a new work-from-home model, it’s time to pivot once again and embrace the latest meaning of the “new normal.”

Introducing Google Workspace: G Suite Reimagined

Just when we thought Google couldn’t get any more collaborative, flexible, secure, and efficient, they innovate once again with an exciting announcement presenting Google Workspace to the world! Launching at a time when [...]

The Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace

Leading companies from around the world are tapping into Google Workspace to transform how they work, and it’s delivering measurable results. For this study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Workspace, Google commissioned [...]

Get More Out of Your G Suite Investment

It’s no question that the cloud has revolutionized business, allowing for more flexibility, collaboration, and accessibility. In the era of digital transformation, businesses are seeking to fully leverage the cloud and its advanced [...]

Collaborate More to Innovate Faster

Better Content Collaboration with G SuiteThe ability to collaborate better has limitless benefits for the enterprise; from iterating on projects in real-time to bringing products to market quicker. In this article, we will focus [...]