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Digital Experience & Design

BI and AI: A Powerful Combination

Business intelligence and artificial intelligence tools can make your job a little easier — actually, a lot easier. Let’s take a look at the differences between BI and AI, the benefits of each, and how they work together to make a positive impact on your productivity and decision-making.

5 Steps to Modernizing Applications for the Cloud

In today’s digital environment, modernizing applications presents the opportunity to increase business value, generate ROI, and rapidly create change. At the same time, app transformation empowers organizations to reimagine and update their customer [...]

Conversational Design for Voice and Chat Bots

Conversational experiences via a chat or voice bot are starting to become more commonly seen and more widely accepted. And introducing bots into operations presents a way for organizations to both improve customer [...]

Great Apps Start with Great Experience Design

How do you create a dynamic, engaging experience for customers and employees with apps? It’s much more than just visual design, understanding customer demographics, or compiling extensive user research into elaborate journey maps, [...]