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Data Analytics & Machine Learning

How to Develop Your BI Modernization Roadmap

As data creation zooms ahead at the speed of light, nothing is more detrimental to data-reliant businesses than ineffective, burdensome legacy infrastructure. Outdated tech can stand in the way of businesses adopting cloud-based [...]

6 Crucial Considerations for MLOps Success

Interest in AI / ML is exploding, but these new techniques and technologies present some unique challenges that can result in suboptimal results if not addressed correctly. Dysfunctional AI / ML efforts can [...]

What Is Data Observability? Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Data, data, and more data: In today’s landscape, data is driving critical decisions and is considered the lifeblood of an organization. With an increasingly digital economy, more and more enterprises are making key financial and customer decisions based on data input...

Modernizing Your SAP S/4HANA Analytics

When Home Depot wanted real-time analytics from its SAP data to manage inventory, the company turned to cloud-based analytics to avoid stockouts and increase sales. Like many SAP users, the home improvement retailer relies on the power of SAP S/4HANA to create an intelligent enterprise and drive digital transformation.

Data Science Terminology 101: 31 Must-Know Definitions

Have you ever searched for something only to be bombarded later with a plethora of ads for related services or products? Or crazier still, have you mentioned a product name aloud and been greeted with an ad for that same service a few hours later?

4 Top Challenges to Implementing Data Science Modernization

The emergence and growing capabilities of the public cloud have led to a revolution in new products, processes, and tools. Lower costs have supported an explosion in data, and new analytical capabilities have created an exponential increase in insights — just to name a few benefits.

The Case for Data Science Modernization: 6 Shortcomings of Legacy Solutions

In a recent white paper, The Inevitability of Data Science Modernization During the Machine Learning and AI Revolution, Maven Wave detailed how recent developments in data science modernization (DSM) are setting the foundation to support the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Taking Data Analytics to New Heights with Visual BI

Atos and Maven Wave see data and cloud as the core pillars of digital transformation. You’ve probably heard (or read) us say that modern enterprises can’t compete without data-driven, cloud-based practices.

Unlocking the Future of Healthcare with Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine

Healthcare and life sciences organizations (HCLS) were moving to the cloud even before government mandates for interoperability came into play. Forward-thinking providers, insurance companies, and drug companies have been using the power of cloud to redefine the patient experience, unearth the value of data, and improve the delivery of care for years.

Webinar Series: Navigating the Cloud Data Journey

Data and reporting play a key role in informing business strategy nowadays, but building a robust data program is harder than it sounds. Should you migrate your data to the cloud little-by-little or all at once? If you’ve already migrated, how do you ensure cost control and optimization? And once you have the basics down, how can you dive deeper into advanced analytics programs?

A Guide to Google BigQuery Inner Workings

For many years now, businesses have utilized databases for analytical workloads. As time has gone by, the need for quick and accurate insights into all aspects of the business have increased as companies [...]

Machine Learning Now Available in Google BigQuery

One of Google Cloud Platform’s most popular products, BigQuery, recently announced the addition of some exciting new functionality: the ability to create and execute machine learning (ML) models directly inside of the platform. [...]

Transforming Marketing Through Analytics

In a previous blog post, we explored the rapid growth of marketing technology applications and the corresponding explosion of marketing data. Marketing teams today have a proliferation of data silos supporting a diverse [...]

4 Unexpected Uses of Machine Learning

The pace of technology is continually accelerating and we are seeing more and more machine learning solutions being utilized across industries and even in our personal lives. But beyond the practical application of [...]

4 Simple Ways AI is Changing Business

We’ve all benefited from artificial intelligence (AI) enhancing our personal lives; from using GPS to predict the fastest route to having Spotify suggest songs that we may like. Artificial intelligence is not just [...]

Ask the Expert: Machine Learning

In the era of digital transformation, businesses are reporting machine learning (ML) their top business priority. Companies are rapidly beginning to rely on ML to streamline their processes, ultimately increasing efficiencies. While ML [...]

Top 5 Takeaways from the CAO Forum

Maven Wave sponsored the 2017 Chief Analytics Officer Forum in Boston on October 3-5, 2017, hosted by Corinium Global Intelligence. The conference is led by CAO’s and attended by 300+ top-level analytics executives. [...]

Ask The Expert: Data Analytics

In today’s market, data analytics play a large role in the success of an organization. Analyzing data leads organizations to uncover insights to make more intuitive business decisions. In the age of digital [...]