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Maven Wave developed an end-to-end data warehousing solution within Google Cloud Platform to provide integrated data and analytical reports for membership, membership behavior, and service interactions.  This solution allows AAA Mountain West Group to quickly analyze data to make more informed business decisions.


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Maven Wave recently deployed Reveal video solution at Nielsen. Reveal is an enterprise video platform that provides a familiar video streaming experience combined with enterprise-level security, content management, and analytics including sentiment analysis.

Google Maps Solution for Real Estate

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Company Profile  Maven Wave recently worked with a real estate company whose mission is to assist people with home ownership. This process is simple — prospective homeowners find a home that fits their lifestyle and budget. Then, the prospective homeowners work with the real estate company on a rent-to-buy option. This allows potential first [...]

RR Donnelley

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Company Profile RR Donnelley (RRD) is a leading global provider of integrated multichannel marketing and business communications solutions. With more than 52,000 customers and 42,000 employees across 28 countries, RRD offers a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities, experience, and scale that enables organizations around the world to effectively create, manage, deliver, and optimize their multi-channel [...]

Dillon Transport

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Company Profile Dillon Transport has been a leader in the temperature sensitive transportation industry since 1980, with a fleet of over 600 Peterbilt trucks and over 850 trailers located out of multiple terminals. Dillon focuses on providing tanker delivery solutions, making them one of the most experienced, dedicated, and efficient carriers in the industry. [...]

Club Champion

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Company Profile Club Champion is a custom club fitter and builder of premium golf clubs (Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter). Club Champion’s mission is to help people enjoy the game of golf by improving their equipment to fit their game. Club Champion makes the best golf clubs even better through a proven custom fitting [...]

ALTSO Goes Google with Maven Wave

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A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) is a New York-based charitable organization that offers children who have lost their limbs in traumatic accidents or suffer from congenital limb disabilities the physical capabilities to access opportunities and self-esteem earned through education, work, and mobility. Founded in 2002, ALTSO has provided orthopedic care - including prosthetic limbs, [...]

Rockwell Collins

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Rockwell Collins is a Fortune 500 company with employees located across the globe, who needed to leverage technology to collaborate better and to work more efficiently. Google Apps is moving Rockwell Collins into the next era of user-centric computing by allowing  employees to use technology at work the same way they do at home.