Kane Asset Management

Company Profile

Kane Asset Management (KAM) is a proprietary trading group founded in July 2010 and located in Chicago.

Business Situation

After opening for business, Kane Asset Management was faced with a happy, but serious dilemma: fast growth exposed a communication and application infrastructure that didn’t meet their needs and, in some cases, was inhibiting their operations. KAM turned to Maven Wave to deploy Google Apps to solve their immediate challenges and give them a platform on which they can continue to grow their business.

Deployment Approach

KAM was in the lucky position of having grown so quickly that while key challenges were exposed, they were able to apply remedies before they became intractable. Maven Wave and KAM determined that switching to Google Apps could be achieved in one seamless step so conversion, implementation, and training was completed in a single day. While KAM was able to address the key areas of stability, security, and scalability, they also gained immediate benefits through process improvement and efficiency. In short, Google Apps have given KAM a strong and affordable backbone for their business and they have benefited from the myriad of tools and applications that are offered.


KAM and Maven Wave were well suited as partners. KAM embraced the opportunities made available through Google Cloud solutions and Maven Wave provided both specific domain knowledge and a focus on delivering value to a dynamic enterprise like KAM. Maven Wave has engaged KAM at all levels, from senior leadership through operations, and both partners have pushed the boundaries of opportunity that Google presents.