Google Maps Solution for Real Estate

Company Profile

Maven Wave recently worked with a real estate company whose mission is to assist people with home ownership. This process is simple  prospective homeowners find a home that fits their lifestyle and budget. Then, the prospective homeowners work with the real estate company on a rent-to-buy option. This allows potential first time homeowners and people with financial hardships to be cautious about making a large investment, while still participating in the American dream.  

Business Situation

This real estate firm owns homes throughout the US and they were looking for an application that could illustrate the locations that natural disasters occur in Florida to simplify the insurance claim process for the homes. Insurance agencies need proof of a natural catastrophic event in order to provide payout. FEMA collects massive amounts of data on all natural disasters, from tremors to hurricanes. The real estate company needed easy access to this data to allow insurance companies and investors to understand the damage that occurred from weather events.


Leveraging the data collected by FEMA, Maven Wave built an easy to use application that allows the insurance company and investors to see where a disaster occurred and what homes may have been affected by the disaster. The application uses Google Maps JavaScript API and FEMA’s API along with innovative UX design to bridge the knowledge and evidence gaps between FEMA and the investors, as well as between the investor and the insurance company. Date sliders and filters allow all parties to drill into specific areas and capture screen shots that can be used as evidence to speed the remedy process.


The application that Maven Wave built for this real estate firm has sped up the process of filing claims. With exact data on where weather events occur, the process for filing claims has become less contentious. When your home is damaged in a natural disaster, claims collected quickly makes all the difference to the homeowner. By saving time, it not only saves the real estate company money, but it also results in more satisfied customers.