Dillon Transport

Dillon Transport

Company Profile

Dillon Transport has been a leader in the temperature sensitive transportation industry since 1980, with a fleet of over 600 Peterbilt trucks and over 850 trailers located out of multiple terminals. Dillon focuses on providing tanker delivery solutions, making them one of the most experienced, dedicated, and efficient carriers in the industry.

Business Situation

Dillon was looking to better understand the efficiencies and costs associated with their truck routes and stops. The company was also looking to discover if the rates they were charging their customers accurately reflected the amount of time the drivers spend stopped at their terminals. A big determinant of the cost Dillon charges its customers is how long a Dillon truck has to wait in a customer’s terminal. For example, if a Dillon truck has to wait 60 minutes at Mike’s Oil Refinery and only 30 minutes at Dan’s Oil Refinery, that 30 minute difference should be accounted for in the different costs charged to those two customers. Dillon’s goal was to more accurately understand how long their trucks were at specific customer terminals.


By analyzing each truck’s GPS data, Maven Wave helped Dillon understand where their trucks are stopping frequently and for how long. Then by geofencing* Dillon customer terminal locations, Maven Wave was able to provide the average duration that Dillon trucks are stopped at specific customer terminals. Maven Wave then put this information into an easy-to-use web application that helps Dillon users better filter and visualize their data. By utilizing a variety of Google Maps APIs and our internal UX/UI team, the application can disseminate a large amount of data and visualize it in a way that is easy for the user to understand.

*geofence: a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area


As a result, Dillon was able to more accurately capture what customer terminals most often delayed Dillon trucks. By looking at the average delay time, Dillon is able to provide more precise pricing estimates for customers. In addition, the application opened up new insights for business users throughout the enterprise. By visualizing truck stops onto a Google Map, Dillon can begin to analyze things like route efficiency and driver effectiveness.

Website Application


Google Heat Map


Geofenced Customer Terminal


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