Club Champion

Company Profile

Club Champion is a custom club fitter and builder of premium golf clubs (Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter). Club Champion’s mission is to help people enjoy the game of golf by improving their equipment to fit their game. Club Champion makes the best golf clubs even better through a proven custom fitting and building process. Based in Chicago, IL, the company currently has 11 locations throughout the continental US.

Business Situation

The company has been experiencing tremendous growth and was looking for a platform that would allow its employees to collaborate in real-time across dispersed retail locations. Additionally, Club Champion needed a solution that would be minimally disruptive to their operations during the transition and they wanted a solution that would be able to grow with the company.


Maven Wave knew the implementation of Google Apps for Work would provide critical collaboration capabilities for this geographically dispersed organization. To ensure a successful outcome and seamless transition, Maven Wave developed a comprehensive implementa

blue_green_logo_1500x1060tion plan detailing the fundamental tenets of a successful Google Apps implementation: project management, change management, and technical configuration/integration.

Maven Wave provided best practices and directed Club Champion to the solutions that fit their specific needs. With the implementation plan in place and business leadership aligned on next steps, Maven Wave executed on the approach for deploying Google Apps.


Maven Wave successfully deployed Google Apps to all 11 locations throughout the United States. The entire deployment was completed within 2 months with minimal impact to the business. Employees are now able to collaborate and communicate in real-time using the new tools now available to them. In the future, the Google Apps cloud-based solution will allow Club Champion to quickly and easily expand the platform to new store locations.