Chicago Cubs

Company Profile

The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team located in Chicago, Illinois. They are part of the Central Division of Major League Baseball’s National League.  Maven Wave’s client is the Technology Group within the Cubs organization.

Business Situation

Cubs employees, former players, current players and their families may request tickets and/or parking for events at Wrigley Field, which includes baseball games, concerts or football games.  There was a need for the internal Ballpark Operations group to manage the complimentary tickets and parking requests because the process was very manual and paper-based.


Maven Wave built two separate, custom applications to support the complimentary tickets and parking requests. The tool allowed requests to be automatically approved if certain criteria was met, which would only require manual intervention for exceptions. The ticketing and parking administrators now have the ability to manage the event and parking lot information within Sharepoint.

The web application itself is a simple 2-3 step wizard in which the parking and/or ticket requester selects a future event at Wrigley Field and fills out their personal and department information, number of tickets and special instructions. Upon completion of these steps, the request is saved for a ticket or parking administrator to approve. Reporting and exception handling are also built into the application.


The solutions for both parking and ticket administration resulted in a much more streamlined process for requesting, approving and managing complimentary tickets and parking.  The number of administrators required to approve and manage the requests decreased as a result of this project because most approvals are now automatically approved.