Buildings Merchant Maintenance

Company Profile

Merchants Building Maintenance offers a full complement of janitorial and window cleaning services. In addition, sister companies Merchants Metal and Stone Restoration, Merchants Engineering, Merchants Environmental and Merchants Landscaping Services provide clients the option of a multitude of services under one corporate banner.

Business Situation

With several companies under the Merchants Building Maintenance umbrella, our client’s leadership team identified a need to unite the messaging platform for more than 250 employees in a more integrated and comprehensive fashion, and take advantage of Google’s inherent Disaster Recovery and High-Availability features. In addition, Merchants wished to enable full-featured archiving and discovery for email messages. They turned to Maven Wave to deploy Google Apps for Business along with Google Messaging & Discovery to solve their immediate challenges and give them a platform on which they can grow their business in the future.

Deployment Approach

Merchants had already tested Google Apps free edition for a subset of users so they were comfortable with the basic platform. Maven Wave and Merchants determined there was no need to migrate mail messages from other platforms and that switching all four domains to Google Apps for Business could be achieved relatively simply. Merchants was able to address the key areas of messaging unification, stability, archiving, and scalability, providing a strong and affordable backbone for their business. The upcoming planned evolution is to integrate specific Merchants’ processes into the fabric of the Google Apps toolset to provide additional benefits via process improvement and efficiency.


Merchants has appreciated the leadership and technical expertise of Maven Wave. We provided them with both strategic direction and tactical advice and engaged with both senior leadership and corporate services. Both sets of partners are pleased with the current implementation, and are enthusiastic about the additional, significant opportunities that Google presents for improving overall business operations in the future.