Company Profile

Bosch USA is a regional branch of the Bosch Group, one of the world’s largest private industrial corporations. Bosch USA has annual sales of $6.8 billion and has 25,000 employees.

Business Situation

7,000 SKUs are maintained in a legacy Product Information Management (PIM) system. The legacy PIM system contains several critical deficiencies that prevent it from maximizing product management productivity as well as not meeting new business requirements. Some of the issues include:

  • Difficulty in bulk editing product and images. Often work takes hours to individually assign changes to products.
  • Legacy system does not support multi-lingual data storage. Each department wants to provide language and region websites with consolidated data management.
  • Data quality is managed through business process and not enforced by the system. Data types are constraints because all data is text.


  • Data repository design: Development of a structure to store power tools data
  • Data import: Extracting data from the legacy system and importing as much data as possible into the new solution
  • Interface Development: Create a web service using the SAP MDM Java API that is accessible to Bosch’s .NET websites


  • Increased productivity managing product data
  • Data errors have decreased dramatically
  • Implementation of multi-lingual sites without duplication of data or technical efforts yields significant savings in deployment to new markets
  • Improved data quality
  • Requires less overall management support and provides a scalable solution

Technology Used

  • NET
  • SAP Master Data Management system
  • Java API