Bosch Diagnostics Vetronix

Company Profile

Bosch Diagnostics is a collection of brands that include the Vetronix automotive aftermarket test equipment brand.

Business Situation

Vetronix was formerly an independent company and operated its own website and ERP system. When the company was integrated into the Bosch Diagnostics division, the Vetronix web catalog and commerce system needed to be integrated to a new ERP system.


  • Loaded data from flat files into the Product Catalog database
  • Updated the site to match the Vetronix brand look and feel
  • Implemented login security and profiles
  • Processing of order checkouts, including credit card authorization
  • Deployment of the solution for staging and production


  • Met internal IT requirement needs while not interrupting customers using the website
  • Maintained strict control of its operating costs
  • Met goals and provided for an expandable platform for extending their B2C e-Commerce solution as well and providing a platform to create B2B solutions

Technology Used

  • Microsoft Commerce Server

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