Company Profile

Aflac Corporation is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States. More than 50 million people worldwide have chosen Aflac insurance for financial assistance when an illness or serious accident occurs.

Business Situation

Aflac employs approximately 4,500 people in the United States along with more than 74,000 independent sales agents who represent and serve Aflac customers.  Aflac’s success in managing a diverse sales and service organization of this size is evidenced by their continued business performance over the past several decades.  Despite this success, leadership identified a number of areas for business improvement and desired an analysis to consider the benefits of a new CRM investment for the organization.


Maven Wave was engaged to conduct a business requirements assessment and develop a solution vision and business case for the sales organization at Aflac. Understanding Aflac’s value framework from corporate to the field was crucial to developing a CRM vision that would result in user adoption across the organization.  Maven Wave met with a significant cross-section of the organization to uncover the most critical business requirements, along with identifying the top opportunities for improvement.  These opportunities led to the development of a comprehensive solution with a phased roadmap for engaging the user community.  Leveraging Maven Wave’s user experience capabilities, the team was also able to design a future experience, which was critical to articulating the vision with leadership as well as field personnel, who would ultimately benefit the most from the solution.


Unlike previous attempts, the project was considered successful in creating a unifying vision for the sales organization. Maven Wave articulated this vision based on the in-depth business requirements assessment and developed supporting financial models that resulted in significant support across the sales organization.