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What’s Up in the Cloud: How Google is Helping During COVID-19, G Suite for Remote Work, More

As the healthcare industry takes on COVID-19, stores and restaurants rely on online sales and delivery, and workers across the globe adapt to temporarily working from home, it’s undeniable that 2020 is shaping up to be an unusual year for both individuals and businesses alike. Read on to learn more about how Maven Wave and Google Cloud are supporting businesses during this unprecedented time.

  • How Google Cloud is supporting the healthcare industry during COVID-19: Google Cloud has put together a page to share the various way it can help the healthcare industry at this time by supporting healthcare organizations and their employees, partnering with researchers to aid public health and wellbeing, and helping people access COVID-19 information.
  • How G Suite powers remote work throughout the organization: With a large portion of the workforce currently remote, having the right suite of cloud-based tools is essential. Maven Wave put together an on-demand webinar, “How G Suite Empowers Remote Productivity Across Roles” to show how employees in sales, marketing, and recruiting are currently continuing business as usual from home with G Suite.
  • Google shares information on network infrastructure during COVID-19: Google explains how it is keeping its network infrastructure strong during this surge in demand in a recent blog post. Because the network was designed to support high-demand events, such as Cyber Monday, it is also positioned to support the unexpected spike in usage during this pandemic. Google also continues to add capacity to stay ahead of demand.
  • Channel Futures features Maven Wave as a cloud-centric MSP: Jason Foa, Maven Wave’s Managing Director of Infrastructure, recently spoke with Channel Futures about how Maven Wave is supporting enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic as a cloud-centric MSP for remote work with a digital deployment strategy.
  • Google makes improvements to Hangouts Meet to support remote learning: Google has announced some improvements to Hangouts Meet specifically for remote learning, Now, meeting creators or calendar owners can mute or remove participants from a meeting. Participants will also be unable to re-join nicknamed meetings once the final participant has left so that students cannot rejoin a meeting without a teacher present.
  • Tips for G Suite developers to scale best practices for higher user demand: Google offers tips to G Suite developers on how to scale best practices for a surge in user demand. These tips include planning for increased capacity, solving new user issues related to distance or online learning, and knowing your channels of support.
  • Google Cloud creates March Madness simulations: Google Cloud is a partner of the NCAA, and typically performs a lot of data analysis around the March Madness tournament. Despite the tournament cancellation this year, Google used BigQuery to run March Madness simulations and determine the thousands of possible brackets.

Maven Wave has created a rapid, fixed-fee engagement in response to COVID-19 to onboard new customers to G Suite and to enable their employees to work and collaborate remotely. If you have immediate G Suite needs, you can learn more here. And don’t forget to come back in a few weeks for more updates from Maven Wave and Google Cloud.

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Kylie McKee
Kylie McKee is a Content Marketing Strategist at Maven Wave with more than eight years of tech industry experience and five years of content marketing experience. Prior to joining the Maven Wave team, Kylie worked as a Content Marketing Specialist for WebPT, Inc. and earned an Associate in Applied Science in Motion Picture, Television, and New Media Production with a CCL in Screenwriting from Scottsdale Community College.
April 3rd, 2020

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