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What’s Up in the Cloud: Maven Wave Named MSP Provider, AI and Industry Updates, More

Maven Wave's Guide to Google Cloud News

Between Google Cloud Summit in Atlanta and the Financial Services Leader Forum in New York City, the last week has been a busy one. Along with these events comes exciting new announcements from Google Cloud ranging from new AI features to enhanced security capabilities. Check out our round-up of the latest news and product updates below:

CISO Royal Hansen at Google Cloud Financial Services Leaders Forum
  • Maven Wave joins Google Cloud Managed Services Provider Program: Maven Wave has joined the Managed Services Provider (MSP) Initiative in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Our GCP Managed Services offering provides expert support and guidance on cloud infrastructure, which enables companies to realize cost reduction, increased flexibility, and access cloud-based tools and utilities.
  • AirAsia uses Cloud Identity to address issues: AirAsia’s overall digital transformation included moving to G Suite and supplying thousands of employees with Chromebooks. To enable a single identity and set of credentials for each employee on these new tools and make the goal of moving to the cloud quickly a reality, the company chose Cloud Identity for identity management. Google’s platform enabled them to improve their security as well as realize cost savings.
  • Google enables industry transformation with AI: Google is working to accelerate digital transformation by using AI in several industries, including healthcare, retail, financial services, media & entertainment, manufacturing, and public sector. Some of the AI solutions available include demand forecasting, improved personalization, deeper insights to improve customer experiences, and more.
  • Google Cloud holds Financial Services Leaders Forum: Last week, Google Cloud hosted a Financial Services Leaders Forum in New York City. Covering topics ranging from security to the power and promise of cloud transformation, the FSL Forum revealed how far the industry has come and offered exciting glimpses into what the future may hold. Check out our event recap.
  • Enhanced capabilities to Google’s Vision AI portfolio: Google announced new features to enable customers to take greater advantage of AI. AutoML Vision Edge can now detect objects and perform image classification. AutoML Video also now offers object detection, which enables it to track the movement of objects between frames. And, finally, Video Intelligence API now has the ability to identify logos of over 100,00 popular businesses and organizations.
  • Building a Google Maps Platform integration with deck.gl: Google created a how-to guide on their blog showing the steps to create a Google Maps integration with deck.gl. By following the steps in the tutorial, you can add information from BigQuery and visualize it on the deck.gl platform.
  • Cloud Search usage reports in admin console: G Suite admins can now view Cloud Search Usage information in the admin console. This offers increased insights into active users, query volume, and the number of searches.
  • New login security measures for companies using 3rd-party identity providers: Two Google security measures have been newly made available for companies using 3rd-party identity providers: 2-step verification and risk-based login challenges. This will enable organizations to better protect user accounts from unauthorized access.

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October 10th, 2019

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