How to Use Behavioral Metrics to Customize Your G Suite Change Program

“When organizations make the decision to move to G Suite, they’re really asking everybody to work in a new way,” Maven Wave’s Brookley Calvin told the crowd during one of our booth sessions at Google Next ‘19. Calvin is Maven Wave’s Change Management Practice Lead.

“If we define culture as the way things get done around an organization,” she added, “then when you’re asking your users to work in a new way, you’re trying to change the culture.”


A cultural change is daunting. But Maven Wave demystifies the process with straightforward, actionable tactics that can help even the biggest companies make large-scale changes. Calvin discussed one of those tactics – behavioral metrics – at this year’s Google Next.

“If basic human psychology applies, which we know it does, then in order to incentivize behavior change, you have to appeal to an individual’s underlying motivations,” Calvin explained. But how do companies go about performing this intimidating task?

Maven Wave’s four-phase change management process begins with a “research” step, during which the team gathers information about the user base and which initiatives would be most impactful to the greatest number of users. Here, a persona map helps to determine how many people fall into common categories for change management depending on factors such as their comfort with technology and degree of collaboration.

Data gathering at this phase relies on a combination of qualitative and quantitative information. Qualitative data is collected using surveys, focus groups, interviews and more – while quantitative details arrive via assessments, such as the amount of web conferencing and the number of email attachments. Ultimately, results are measured, tactics are adjusted as needed and ROI is (hopefully) proven.

Watch the full video below to see the breakdown of the four-phase process:


To learn more about Maven Wave’s enterprise collaboration and change management practices, click here. Maven Wave has the expertise to guide enterprises of all sizes to large-scale G Suite adoption.

July 30th, 2019

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