Unlocking the Future of Healthcare with Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine

Healthcare and life sciences organizations (HCLS) were moving to the cloud even before government mandates for interoperability came into play. Forward-thinking providers, insurance companies, and drug companies have been using the power of cloud to redefine the patient experience, unearth the value of data, and improve the delivery of care for years. These organizations recognize that by using their data, they can find patterns in population health, drug discovery, and provide a more holistic view of patients.

Unlocking the Future of Healthcare with Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine

While these use cases are all vital to optimizing healthcare services, at the same time interoperability is moving cloud services from a “should have” to a “must-have” operation in the payer and provider arenas. And the pandemic only accelerated the rate at which HCLS organizations needed to innovate.

Google Cloud has been at the forefront of helping HCLS organizations transform to meet these needs. Organizations already rely on Google Cloud products such as Cloud Healthcare API to organize healthcare data into datasets. Google Cloud is building upon that and extending core capabilities with a new solution, Healthcare Data Engine, to make healthcare data more useful by enabling an interoperable, longitudinal record of patient data, and providing clinical insights on FHIR data, the healthcare industry standard. This end-to-end solution enables faster customer innovation by harmonizing data from its native formats to FHIR, and then enabling that data for analytics and AI.

This facilitates interoperability, helping HCLS organizations make better real-time decisions. Here at Maven Wave, we are excited about the impact this product will have in the HCLS space as we’ve already been helping HCLS organizations transform with Google Cloud, whether that’s through implementing telehealth offerings at Cambridge Health Alliance or a creating a voice assistant to serve members at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.

With Healthcare Data Engine, healthcare and life sciences organizations can rely on the harmonized data and analytics to make real-time decisions, and do so with rapid scaling abilities. This scaling is vital, as HCLS organizations produce voluminous amounts of data. Harnessing this data appropriately results in competitive advantages and opportunities to improve both patient lives and generate insights that can move HCLS interests forward. All this while maintaining the highest security levels, compliance and user privacy.

Case Study: Enabling Transformation at a Large Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Maven Wave recently used Google’s Healthcare API, which is a core component of Healthcare Data Engine, at a large pharmacy benefit manager to ingest data, organize it, harmonize it to different formats, and map it to FHIR standards. Our team built the operational systems that output the information into BigQuery for analytical use, and developed and implemented API for their consumers to use. We were able to reconcile the data so the company did not have multiple instances of the data coming from separate paths.

For this project, Maven Wave executed on the organization’s program to provide faster delivery of pricing lists to each of its clients, and to improve performance of its price optimization tool, used by employers, health plans, unions, and state and local governments. Maven Wave helped the organization move from on-premise infrastructure to Google Cloud. This allowed them to increase data onboarding speed, using automated data ingestion, transformation, and cataloging. 

With Maven Wave’s help, the organization can now use advanced statistical calculations on the data, with the move to Google’s scalable cloud solutions. The solution reduced the total time needed to execute the price optimization model from 8-9 hours down to 8-9 minutes. And the organization also gained the ability to create predictions and validate multiple clients in parallel, which saves even more time.

This project stemmed from the benefit manager’s interoperability efforts. It also allows patients using the organization’s app to understand their copays based on their insurance company, using an API-driven approach. The goal is to provide patients with pricing transparency and interoperability between various insurance systems. It can also provide a patient’s vaccination history, through API and data integration. With Healthcare Data Engine launching, projects like this will be even faster and easier to execute, unlocking greater potential for clients to innovate.

Maven Wave is excited to bring the power of Healthcare Data Engine to customers. Our experts can help you use Healthcare Data Engine to help optimize clinical trials, accelerate research, provide interoperability to meet CMS regulations, and harmonize data for analysis and population health. This ultimately matches our goal of helping HCLS organizations redefine the patient experience, unearth the value of data, and improve the delivery of care. To learn more about how Maven Wave can help your HCLS organization meet your goals with Healthcare Data Engine, contact us.

July 22nd, 2021

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