G Suite Around the World: Unifying Standard Industries Through Google

At a company with 15,000+ employees across 184 locations spanning 80 countries, collaborating and streamlining communications can be behemoth tasks. For global industrial company Standard Industries, the simple exercise of scheduling a senior leadership meeting required Herculean organization from several executive assistants. But that was before Google Cloud came into the picture.

Together with Maven Wave’s Robert Roper, Michael Arthur of GAF, one of Standard Industries’ operating companies, told the story of “Unifying Standard Industries through Google” during one of our many booth sessions at Google Next ‘19. Roper is an Engagement Lead & Account Manager at Maven Wave, and Arthur is Vice President, Service Management for GAF.

“We had over 28+ active directory environments, four different mail and collaboration platforms,” Arthur explained to the crowd at Maven Wave’s booth. “We were really looking for a single collaboration tool that would be able to help us achieve unification of the whole company. After speaking with Google, they recommended to us that Maven Wave would be one of the best partners to use, given our complexity.”

The migration started small, only moving the company’s New York City office, and only to Gmail and Google Calendar. Then, with Maven Wave’s change management guidance, the team shifted the entire company to G Suite, including to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides.

A G Suite deployment is more of a change project than an IT initiative, Roper pointed out. “You’re really focusing on the end user and helping to facilitate a change in their behavior in how they go about their day-to-day business.”

During the onboarding phase, “one of the most impactful things we did was transformation labs,” Arthur noted. These labs involve gathering people together for 3-4 hours and focusing on business processes and challenges. “It’s less about the tools that they’re using, but really trying to focus on those outcomes. Getting them together to discuss some of these things really brought to light some of the challenges they had outside of the tools, so then we looked to apply Google tools to solve some of those problems.”

And now? “Adoption is really taking off,” Arthur reported. Click on the video below to watch the entire booth session.

Maven Wave has helped some of the world’s largest enterprises transform their business with G Suite. With the Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Enterprise Collaboration under our belt, we’ve proven our expertise and success in building customer solutions with G Suite. To learn more, contact us now.

May 30th, 2019

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