Top 5 Ways HR Professionals Can Benefit from G Suite

The way we work is constantly changing. Employees expect to use the devices and applications that they use in their personal lives to get work done. They want access to their work information anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The challenge for Human Resources is to create a culture that is flexible enough to accommodate these changing needs. HR teams can resolve these challenges by attracting top talent, enabling employees to work smarter, and developing a collaborative culture. G Suite provides the collaboration tools necessary to get the job done quicker and more effectively. Check out the top 5 ways HR professionals can work smarter with the tools included with G Suite.

G Suite for HR

Keep Track of Your Candidate Pipeline

It’s necessary to document the pipeline of each job opening throughout the hiring process to keep hiring managers and the recruiting teams consistently informed on any progress. In Google Sheets, you can track the status of the candidate; the teams involved with each candidate can make comments with any questions or concerns throughout the process. With Sheets, the whole team will be aware of progress or any changes made in real-team.

Improve Your Remote Interviews

Most candidates will interview online at some point during their hiring process. Combining the capabilities of Hangouts and Google Docs can help you truly test your candidate’s skills. By holding an interview via Hangouts, you can test a candidate’s skills by asking them to write or code in a Doc. HR can easily understand how the candidate solves problems by analyzing their thought process through the assignment they were given to complete.

Make Onboarding Easier

Onboarding employees come with a lot of documents that can get overwhelming. Organizing all necessary documents in a Google Drive folder (make sure to set your permissions to only allow employees to view their own documentation) will improve your new employee’s onboarding experience. Employees will know exactly where to find any forms, documents, or resources during their transition into their new position by referencing back to this folder—eliminating any confusion for new hires. Setting the appropriate permissions also guarantees that personal information will be kept private.

Train Your Employees From Anywhere

Provide all your employees with easy access to training with Hangouts! Hangouts can be used as a virtual classroom that will allow you to connect with any employee, regardless of the location they are working from. It can be difficult to host in-person training sessions that all employees are capable of attending, especially when travel is involved—Hangouts eliminates these complications allowing for all employees to have accessible training sessions online.

For recorded training sessions, Maven Wave recently launched an enterprise video platform built with Google Cloud technology, called Reveal. Reveal provides a familiar YouTube-like experience combined with enterprise security and control. The platform leverages Google Drive for storage and permissions, so admins can assign viewing access to certain departments or employees. You can learn more about Reveal here.

Get Feedback FAST

Improving HR initiatives requires feedback from your employees. It’s a tedious task to approach all of your co-workers to ask for feedback. A simple alternative to this process is to create a survey with Google Forms and send it out to your chosen employees or departments. Once employees have completed the form, your results can be analyzed in Google Sheets.

G Suite is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and more, to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are. Contact us to learn more.


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