Top 4 Tips for Overcoming Cloud Migration Challenges

Migrating workflows can be daunting: from understanding and identifying the full scope of the migration backlog to readying the operations team and provisioning the infrastructure. Meanwhile, you’ve got the overhanging stress of consumption commitments, which can’t be met if the workloads are not migrated to the cloud.

Building a strong cloud foundation is critical to operating, adopting, and ultimately migrating workloads to the cloud. Below are four tactics to help steer through operational bottlenecks and ensure a smooth transition to a cloud operating model. 

#1: Take the Time to Understand Your Provisioning & Deployment Processes

Your provisioning and deployment operations for getting your users from request to production-ready should be reliable and repeatable. Think about how you can build to scale, get the components in place, and make sure tools are integrated.

#2: Adjust Your Existing Security Operations

Security in the cloud can be challenging when there are so many layers to consider, so it’s important to change your mindset from simply protecting the perimeter to all aspects of your cloud: from policy configuration to the development pipeline. To ensure you are addressing all potential vulnerabilities, incorporate automated security decisions throughout the design process.

#3: Provide a Safety Net with Business Continuity Planning

As you develop your cloud application architecture, consider how you store your data, schedule and administer instance backups, and incorporate high availability in other cloud-native services. Before you begin moving workloads to the cloud, update the questions that your enterprise architects usually ask before new applications, services, and hardware are deployed. 

#4: Focus on Operations to Effectively Drive Change

Cloud migration is a collaborative effort of people, process, and technology. Oftentimes, aligning the key stakeholders can be the hardest part of effectively driving change. Consider these points:

  • Spend the time to determine what you need to think through, including processes, teams, and unexpected challenges.
  • Limit the separation of the cloud and on-premise processes – there should be one team overseeing both.
  • Do not just look for “technology solutions” – many products promise “everything,” but you need to look beyond that for the right fit for your organization’s requirements.
  • Plan the transition carefully – involve the operations team early, start small, and make sure the group is thoroughly trained.

A Partner to Guide You Through the Challenges

Migrating to the cloud does not need to feel overwhelming when a strong cloud foundation is put in place from the start. Maven Wave holds Google Cloud Partner Specializations in Application Development, Cloud Migration, and Infrastructure and has been named the Google Cloud North America Services Partner of the Year three years in a row. Leveraging our technical expertise and results-driven consulting methodology, our team can help your organization overcome operational bottlenecks and get on track to a successful cloud migration.

If you’d like to learn more, watch a recording of our 45-minute webinar on this topic here. Are you interested in learning how Maven Wave can help your organization with a seamless cloud migration? Contact us now.

April 22nd, 2020

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