Top 3 Tips for Marketing Teams to Drive Conversions Virtually with Google Workspace

Across the globe, marketing departments and event teams pivoted plans as stay-at-home orders forced the cancellation of conferences, trade shows, and other in-person events. Creative as marketers are, this bizarre turn of events presented new challenges that weren’t included in the yearly playbook. Even internal face-to-face brainstorming sessions that spark some of the best events, ideas, and campaigns needed to shift to a digital format, quickly and seamlessly.

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Considering the current landscape, marketing and event teams are even more vital to an organization’s success and strategic navigation through current business challenges. While shifting plans and reformatting events is no small feat, with Google Workspace’s (formerly G Suite) robust features, marketers are empowered to collaborate, create, and remain productive, from home or any device. 

Here at Maven Wave, our marketing team leverages Google Workspace internally to drive our market positioning, events, campaigns – and ultimately, our sales. As they shifted over 20 upcoming in-person events to virtual experiences and campaigns leveraging Google Workspace’s capabilities, they created a successful new course of action, remotely. By employing innovative cloud-based tools, our team unleashed their creativity and experienced unhindered productivity, moving from the conference room to their living rooms.  

Let’s take a look at our top 3 tips to keep creative juices flowing and marketing departments connected and converting worldwide, with Workspace.

#1: Jam On, With Jamboard  

Bringing new ideas to life is easy, with Google Workspace’s real-time capabilities and interactive whiteboard, Jamboard. Jumping into a jam session remotely with your team is fast and straightforward. From Gmail, Meet, or Chat, the group can enter the jam and collaborate on how to shift and repurpose in-person booth displays, presentations, and live speaking sessions to webinars, roundtables, blog series, and more. In just one click, they can access Jamboard’s virtual whiteboard experience, and update existing plans to virtual ones. Teams can even grab images and content from the web and bring them into the jam. 

Additionally, they can import work and ideas from Docs, Sheets, and Slides. For instant internal approvals and input, simply share the Jamboard link via Chat or Gmail. Sharing outside of the organization with vendors is also easy and secure. Just create and share the Jamboard link and set permissions before sending it to keep your jam safe and secure, or download and send as a PDF file.

#2: Chat Away

It’s no secret: marketers like to talk. With Chat, they can keep the conversation going virtually while creating new and exciting ideas. Currently, your marketing team is probably working on several virtual events at once. By integrating Chat, they can create dedicated chat rooms to tackle each project and keep internal discussions organized. From Chat, Marketing directors can effortlessly use the Meet bot to create calendar events to ensure the department stays on track and on task. Additionally, Chat supports 28 languages, and each chat room can hold up to 8,000 members. Deeply integrated within Google Workspace and built on its security-first ecosystem, Chat’s secure enterprise-grade solution was designed to keep teams chatting away about your business’s biggest and brightest ideas.

#3: Meet on the Fly

Meetings, meetings, and MORE marketing meetings. Conference rooms may be closed and presentation screens idle, but with Meet, marketers can join in or create a video call from their phones, computers, or tablets in seconds. During a Meet, marketing teams can enrich brainstorming sessions, while seeing everyone on screen with the new tile feature that was released earlier this month. Presenting Jamboards and screen sharing has never been easier, and Meet can be used outside of the organization as well. Teams can even hold coffee breaks, lunches, and virtual happy hours to celebrate the success of the latest webinar! And Maven Wave and Google Cloud are partnering to help your workforce stay connected and productive. 

To get a behind-the-scenes look at our marketing team in action, stream the marketing demo below from our recent webinar, How Google Workspace Empowers Remote Productivity Across Roles.

While marketing teams may be dispersed and tradeshows on hold, virtual events and new ideas are taking the industry by storm. It’s inspiring to witness the creative teams that are helping their businesses help others. At Maven Wave, we have first-hand experience and knowledge of how Google Workspace can empower your team like never before. With a multitude of awards and Google certifications, our team can help accelerate your digital transformation as we continue to prepare for the future. Contact us now to get set up today.
June 9th, 2020

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