Top 3 Benefits of a Chrome Enterprise Hybrid Work Model

Transformative—that’s an apt word to describe COVID-19’s effect on everyday working life. Now, just as quickly as the pandemic triggered a new work-from-home model, it’s time to pivot once again and embrace the latest meaning of the “new normal.” For many, that will be a hybrid working model where workers split time between the office and remote locations.

Top 3 Benefits of a Chrome Enterprise Hybrid Work Model

According to a WeWork study conducted by independent research firm Workplace Intelligence, 53% of employees prefer to spend three days a week or fewer in the office, and 79% of C-level executives say they will let employees adopt hybrid schedules as their jobs allow. 

For enterprises embracing hybrid work, the next question is how to address the logistical challenges associated with granting employees the flexibility they crave. Google Chrome Enterprise is a collection of tools empowering businesses to adopt their perfect hybrid work model. With a constant rollout of new features designed specifically to address the challenges of a hybrid working model, Chrome Enterprise is made up of three components: 

  • Chrome browser: Known for its use among individuals, Chrome is the world’s most used browser and is becoming a default for many organizations because of added features and benefits for businesses, including centralized IT team control over employee internet use and built-in security.
  • Chrome OS: This modern, cloud-first operating system is built to enable productivity wherever work happens and allows IT to manage thousands of distributed devices remotely. 
  • Chrome OS devices: Chromeboxes, Chromebooks, Chrome-compatible docking stations and other hardware are the devices that make Chrome Enterprise possible. (Did you know: Any device is compatible with Chrome Enterprise using CloudReady?) 

Each of Chrome Enterprise’s components work together to enable speed, scalability, security, and cost savings. Keep reading to learn more about the top 3 benefits of a Chrome Enterprise hybrid model.

1. Speed and Scalability

Enterprises are looking to deploy successful hybrid work strategies now, and Chrome Enterprise devices deploy quickly, boot in under six seconds, and update automatically to provide a modern employee experience. Compared to Windows 10, Chrome OS allows businesses to use the completely cloud-based platform to deploy devices 76% faster. That’s because any Chrome OS device can be drop shipped directly to the employee with no IT set-up required. Employees simply take the device, connect to the internet, and the device is automatically enrolled into the company’s corporate domain.

This fast and easy deployment enables organizations to scale quickly with less IT burden. Chrome browser prides itself on speed as well. By allowing quicker access to websites and applications, and saving preferences across devices, Chrome browser enhances productivity and gives employees quick access to what they need when they need it. 

And with 67% of workers relying on web browsers more heavily than they did two years ago, Chrome OS has identified best-in-class apps for getting work done in the cloud, eliminating the need to vet compatible programs. This feature, called Chrome Enterprise Recommended, identifies optimized third-party solutions with a badge, so you know the apps are Chrome OS compatible and ready for use.

2. Security

No matter where you workers are, the question of security is one of utmost importance for any enterprise. Chrome OS boasts several built-in security features that put IT managers’ minds at ease about the privacy and security of data despite the information being shared across dispersed locations. Built-in virus protection and encrypted on-device storage routinely identify threats and obscure information to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. OS also features a diverse application ecosystem that roots out potentially harmful apps. All of these checks and balances for security come with the added benefit of no downtime: feature and security patches are performed as background updates to keep devices protected without interruption.

The security measures in place are so strong that even if your Chrome device is stolen, you don’t need to worry about any sensitive information being gleaned from your device. The Chrome browser comes equipped with a secure, cloud-based backup system so that employees can work across several locations worry-free, which is ideal for a hybrid work model. Walk into the office and realize you forgot your computer at home? Just log into a different device and you’re ready to go.

As for the device itself, it’s equipped with a Titan C security chip,  which is a Google-designed chip for Chromebooks that protects user identity and ensures system integrity. Two other ironclad features of Chrome devices worth mentioning: every time a user logs out, devices are automatically wiped to remove all data, and users have the power to remotely disable or powerwash devices that can’t be reclaimed.

3. Cost

The scalability, speed, and enhanced security of Chrome Enterprise come with the added promise of a 295% return on investment and significant cost savings in several key areas. Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct Total Economic Impact™ studies: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Chrome OS Devices For Knowledge Workers and The Total Economic Impact™ of Chrome Browser and The Total Economic Impact™ of Shared Google Chrome OS Devices to quantify Google Enterprise’s cost-saving benefits.

To quantify the findings, Forrester created a composite organization that is representative of all organizations that were questioned or surveyed. That composite organization is used as an example to show the aggregate financial analysis and the total economic impact Chrome Enterprise devices can have on an organization’s spending. Key numbers of note include $2.2 million in IT management and service savings with Chrome devices due to quicker deployments and less overall management time and service; $3.1 million in savings due to improved employee productivity thanks to less downtime and the cloud-native quality of Chrome devices; and $504,000 in savings for companies adopting Chrome as their official browser company-wide due to improved IT resource productivity. 

To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar How Chrome Enterprise Enables a Hybrid Working Model for insights on how to use Chrome Enterprise in hybrid and new working environments to maintain company culture and keep productivity high.

June 29th, 2021

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