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4 Tips for an Effective Internal Communication Strategy for Enterprise

In life and business, few things are as critical to success as strong communication, which is something Maven Wave knows well. Not only does internal communication impact the business on an operational level, but it can also make (or break) the entire company’s culture.

With that in mind, here are some quick tips for developing an effective internal comms strategy:

1. Evaluate your current approach to internal communication.

What forms of communication at your company bring the best results: email newsletters, chat messages, your company intranet, or other tools? There are two different routes you can take after assessing the different communication methods: perfecting the tool that has the best results or improving your strategies for those tools that are not performing as well. 

After evaluating your tools, a good way to improve your strategy is to simply ask your fellow employees what they would change or add to your internal communication. Using that feedback — and a few fun brainstorms — to improve your internal comms strategy, you can then move on with your plan.

2. Make your comms interactive and fun to read.

There are several ways to make your internal communications interactive and fun to keep employees engaged such as using:

  • feedback forms
  • graphics
  • polls
  • videos
  • public-facing content 

Many people are visual learners, so using infographics and keeping your messaging short and to the point are good ways to make sure employees are absorbing the information you’re trying to convey. Along with this, GIFs, memes, and fun team pictures are a great way to keep people interested in the rest of the content. 

3. Celebrate your teams and individual employees.

Have a team or individual employee who had a big win with a client, project, or something else that’s amazing? Everyone in the company should hear about it! Being proud of what your employees or teams do both at work and outside of the workplace can go a long way.

Having a method where an employee can anonymously shout out a team or coworker or share their wins is a great way to boost company morale. This will also encourage employees to learn about and mingle with different departments and their members, which is valuable when trying to strengthen your company’s culture — especially if your teams are remote. 

4. Encourage involvement from employees.

Inspire action with your internal communications! Motivate employees to participate more by reiterating your company values, sending plenty of reminders for events, holding swag giveaways for participation or achievements, and promoting various social media posts they can interact with. 

Employees’ excitement to read through and interact with your internal communications will be boosted with these various techniques. It can also strengthen your organization’s brand if employees are representing the company on social media or participating in events or swag giveaways. And of course, by prioritizing communication, the positive impact on company culture will be sure to radiate throughout the entire organization — and beyond.

About the Author

Sara Metz
Sara Metz is a Marketing Coordinator at Maven Wave. With the University of Houston as her alma mater, she graduated with a BA in Media Production and a minor in Marketing. During her collegiate career, she interned in sports broadcasting, investigative journalism, and in communications and community engagement.
December 20th, 2022

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