Is It Time to Move Your Oracle Workloads to a Cloud Solution?: 4 Key Questions to Ask

Make no mistake about it, the move to cloud is on. Gartner estimates that 75% of database workloads will migrate to the cloud by 2022, but moving to the cloud is not without its challenges. This is particularly true when it comes to instances of Oracle databases due to specific setup requirements and license and support limitations.

In our recent whitepaper, A Guide to Running Oracle Workloads with Google Cloud Platform, we explore in detail the ins-and-outs of moving Oracle to a public cloud, including key benefits and helpful details on how Google and Atos offer solutions specifically tailored for Oracle. In this blog, we take a look at four key questions that you should consider as you look at making the move to the cloud.

1. Are all of your legacy data systems on-premise?

It is a challenge to begin from zero. If you are currently 100% on-premise, then it is a good idea to start your migration plan small with specific workloads. Then after initial success, additional steps can be taken towards a full-scale transition to the cloud.

2. What is your data center strategy?

If you are following an aggressive strategy to exit your on-premise data center, then it is important to take remedial steps in order to ensure continuity of service. On the other hand, more latitude is available if your data center plans are more flexible.

3. What is the renewal cycle for your Oracle licenses?

Imminent renewal deadlines are an excellent time to consider a change due to the possible cost-saving opportunities. A longer time frame until renewal allows for me planning and exploration of optimal configuration options.

4. Have you recently experienced service disruptions?

One of the greatest motivators for change is inconsistent or unreliable service. It makes sense to be aggressive with a migration plan if your current configuration is not delivering needed levels of performance.

The Power of Public Cloud for Oracle Workloads

The public cloud is revolutionizing the way that business enterprises manage their compute resources and the migration of Oracle database workloads is a great example of how the cloud can deliver superior performance, lower cost, and greater flexibility. The powerful technology offered by the Google Bare Metal Solution (BMS) coupled with Atos Oracle Hotel for GCP delivers on these opportunities. To learn more, download your copy of our recent white paper, A Guide to Running Oracle Workloads with Google Cloud Platform.


September 30th, 2020

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