The Top Cloud Publications & Podcasts We’re Consuming in 2020

With the evolution and growth of the cloud comes a laundry list of great side effects. One of those benefits is a surge of new resources that explore the innovations and technologies surrounding cloud computing in creative and informative ways. They’re adding to the trusty mainstays that we’ve been reading for years, leaving us all with a growing library of reputable, riveting media sources to learn more about the cloud. 

Staying in touch with the latest cloud-related resources, news, and media is a favorite pastime for Mavens. So we decided to round up a few of our favorites to inspire you and offer some fresh reading material, as well as to offer a shout out to the editorial teams who consistently tell great stories. (Thank you!) We hope you enjoy, and feel free to share!

Google Resources: 

Google Cloud Blog

Latest stories, product news and topics regarding all things Google Cloud for a general audience. Read about the latest Google innovations straight from the source.  

Google Cloud Platform Podcast

A weekly podcast with expert GCP professionals who address burning questions and introduce the latest cloud concepts.

Google News

General mainstream news served up by Google with popular sections: U.S., World, Business, Health, Sports, Science, Entertainment, Technology and more. We’re partial to the Technology section!



It’s no surprise based on the name, BizTech explores business and technology questions surrounding topics such as business intelligence, data center, hardware, networking, security, and, of course, cloud. Under the same CDW umbrella that brings you EdTech, FedTech, StateTech, and HealthTech. 

Business Insider

Top headlines and business news with a focus on technology, finance, strategy, executive lifestyle, and retail. Started in 2007, it’s now the largest business news website


The IDG Network’s source for enterprise CIOs and other executives in the business technology space, complete with digital transformation tips and career advice. A must-read if you fall within that audience, or if you’re selling to that audience!   

Cloud Computing Magazine

The name says it all – it’s TMC’s cloud publication that covers all things business cloud with related breaking news. 

Cloud Tech

Get your cloud strategy and technology insight here! This UK-based publication promotes thought leadership for its CIO and IT manager audience. 


Created in 2009, CloudTweaks offers insights from leading authorities in cloud computing – whether in-house editorial team coverage or thought leadership contributions from external industry experts.


Leading source for IT channel news with an audience of +1.5 million. With coverage across IT topics, including IoT, managed services, security, virtualization and much more, CRN offers valuable insight and updates on the cloud. 

Forbes Innovation Section

The Innovation section of Forbes’ website offers general technology headlines on a broad spectrum of topics. Forbes, of course, has an incredible readership – 104 million global unique visitors

Information Week

Part of the Informa Tech family, InformationWeek operates in the digital business space, addressing topics such as IT leadership, DevOps, security, cloud, data management and infrastructure. 


Another IDG publication, InfoWorld specializes in enterprise technology insight, with its audience ranging from developers to business leaders. It covers some of our favorite topics, including AI/machine learning and data analytics! 


Profiling startups, reviewing new internet products and breaking tech news, TechCrunch presents a diverse range of topics with a technology focus. In-depth looks at industry leaders and those up and coming are typical features. 


Serving the tech market for 20 years, TechTarget offers insightful articles, features, and tips about cloud trends and technologies. SearchCloudComputing is one of many sites in the TechTarget network.  


A leader in covering transformative tech, VentureBeat helps business leaders make decisions around topics such as AI, machine learning, AR/VR, 5G, and more. Includes breaking news, articles, newsletters, and events for the industry.  

Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal

News and analysis on IT trends from the Wall Street Journal, a trusted leader in global and U.S. news. The CIO Journal blends insights about technology trends and business strategy.


Published by CBS Interactive (who are also behind sister site TechRepublic), ZDNet offers breaking news, analysis, and research that keeps business technology professionals in touch with the latest IT trends, issues, and events.


The Cloudcast

A Top 100 iTunes podcast covering topics including cloud computing, DevOps, AI/ML, and IoT. With almost nine years under its belt, The Cloudcast talks trends, projects, and applications.

Gadget Lab Podcasts

Popular tech podcasts focused on topics relating to business, culture, gear, ideas, science, security, and transportation. Published by WIRED.

TWiET: This Week In Enterprise Tech

Another popular video series and podcast that explores enterprise technology with an engaged, loyal audience. Records live every Friday at 4:30 ET, featuring a few trusted hosts and guest IT professionals explaining the ins and outs of enterprise solutions. 

Wall Street Journal’s Tech News Briefing

Another impressive WSJ resource, covering general tech headlines and technology news. Expect  to hear the latest on top companies, consumer trends, cyber issues and more. 

And of course, we can’t leave out Maven Wave’s blog, a resource-rich, regularly updated site that showcases a variety of cloud topics close to our hearts, from AI to hybrid cloud to data warehousing. We cover a variety of verticals, including financial services, healthcare, and retail; plus, we show you what it’s like to be a Maven as we celebrate our latest news. 

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January 28th, 2020

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