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Taking SAP Into the Cloud: Enhancing Analytics and Insights with Google BigQuery

SAP lies at the heart of many enterprises, driving ERP to manage business operations and enhance customer relationships, and the ability to take SAP functions into the public cloud is dramatically increasing both the breadth and depth of insight and functionality. In fact, SAP recently announced a major shift in their own corporate strategy, accelerating their transition to the cloud. Clearly, the cloud is opening brand new vistas for SAP customers.

Making the Case for SAP in the Cloud

Across industries and all types of enterprises, the cloud has transformed business and promises to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. More and more, this trend is making a big impact on the use of SAP. Some of the first-line benefits include:

  • Reduced cost: deemphasizing on-premise hardware helps to lower capex and running procedures on demand can decrease opex.
  • Increased uptime: flexible and reliable resources help to avoid downtime associated with patches, upgrades or service interruptions.
  • Enhanced efficiency: cloud deployment allows for the reallocation of human and physical assets to more productive activities.
  • Improved agility: the importance of “aaS” cannot be overemphasized. Modern technology goes hand in hand with modern development practices and SAS in the cloud enables the organization to work smarter.

SAP and Google Cloud Open New Opportunities for Innovation

Beyond improving basic business metrics, SAP in the cloud also delivers exciting new benefits that were previously unimaginable. For example, it is possible to incorporate external data sources such as IoT, PoS, weather forecasts, and more once processes are unencumbered from on-premise restraints. Furthermore, cloud delivers the speed and additional resources that are needed to enhance and accelerate analytics. This includes the ability to utilize cutting-edge tools such as machine learning (ML) to make more data-driven decisions based on data that lives in several different locations. 

Managing SAP workloads in the cloud offers greater capabilities to unlock valuable information, which can help organizations better understand customer behaviors and preferences, perform predictive maintenance, and plan for disruptive inventory fluctuations. Atos offers Rapid Deployment Accelerators for SAP Analytics and Big Query that help to start the process and provide insight on the scope, benefits and risks that will likely be encountered.

If you’d like to learn more about how Atos and Google Cloud makes this possible, attend our upcoming Atos webinar with SAP and Google Cloud on how to, “Accelerate Speed to Insights with Data Visibility” on December 2 at 11 am ET. Attendees will learn more about:

  • The state of the market and how customers are achieving success with SAP on Google Cloud Platform
  • How to use pre-defined data models with the Atos Rapid Deployment Accelerators for SAP Analytics and Big Query
  • Drive business outcomes by using built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities


November 24th, 2020

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