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Taking Data Analytics to New Heights with Visual BI

Atos and Maven Wave see data and cloud as the core pillars of digital transformation. You’ve probably heard (or read) us say that modern enterprises can’t compete without data-driven, cloud-based practices. In fact, Maven Wave’s tagline says our “digital solutions are agile, rooted in analytics, and built in the cloud.”

Taking Data Analytics to New Heights with Visual BI

So we know that harnessing the power of cloud data analytics and business intelligence has never been more critical. As the world enters into a digitally-driven future, enterprises are turning to data to advance their business further while improving customer experience and satisfaction. But building a robust data and cloud-based strategy is more complex than it sounds.

That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to share that Atos has acquired Visual BI, which will enhance our ability to address the increasing need for enterprise data analytics in the cloud.

Visual BI, one of the leading and fastest-growing firms focusing exclusively on cloud data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) in the U.S., will advance Atos’ and Maven Wave’s mission to deliver data cloud transformations at scale. This acquisition will enable Maven Wave to offer a wider breadth of services to meet today’s growing customer demands while promoting our partnerships with Snowflake and SAP, the go-to platforms for data analytics. Visual BI holds elite tier status partnerships with both Snowflake and SAP, which will accelerate and strengthen our go-to-market data strategy and ultimately empower our customers to visualize and realize the true value of their data.

From implementing modern data warehouses for airlines to enabling predictive analytics for utilities, the Visual BI team has excelled in many use cases across various verticals.

The Perfect Match

All of us at Maven Wave are excited to join forces with Visual BI’s 180+ employees, who share the same passion for technology and transformation that Mavens do. With a strong history of customer success that matches our own, we can’t wait to hit the ground running with our new team members. 

Known as relentless innovators, Visual BI’s global team, hailing from the U.S., Canada, and India, includes some of the most sought-after talent in the cloud industry. Their experience derives from a few of the world’s largest technology and Internet companies, including AT&T, Microsoft, Avaya, Tata Communications, and more. From a cultural perspective, our values, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and social impact initiatives are very aligned and a vital part of why Atos chose to move forward with the acquisition. 

Paving the Path Ahead: An Unmatched Cloud Data Journey

Visual BI’s unparalleled technical expertise and experience across critical verticals will bolster our team’s ability to help our customers tackle their most complex business challenges using data. The company’s profound experience in manufacturing will lend itself to address this sector’s growing need for BI and analytics in cloud environments. 

Using a structured approach to BI and analytics through Visual BI’s Innovation Lab, the company has helped build market-ready analytics solutions in dynamic and emerging technology areas. Combined with the groundbreaking Atos OneCloud initiative and Digital Hub, the possibilities are now endless when it comes to creating a custom cloud data journey. 

There’s no question that experience and expertise are paramount to addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead when embarking on a cloud data journey — so that in the end, enterprises can develop and embrace a cloud-based data culture. With the addition of Visual BI to the Atos portfolio, Maven Wave can move the needle forward for organizations, supporting them through every stage of their cloud data journey, from data centralization to high-value insight delivery. 

Welcome aboard, Visual BI! We are looking forward to innovating and leading the way for data-focused projects across the globe. To learn more about Maven Wave’s data analytics services, click here.

August 3rd, 2021

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